Amenzone Fitness Announces Grand Opening For New Location In Fountain Hills, Arizona

Amenzone Fitness is proud to announce the opening of its newest fitness location, a 2,500 square foot facility in beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona.  The Grand Opening will take place on Monday, April 29, 2013 with a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce at 5:00 p.m.

The Fountain Hills location is the first of several fitness facilities to come in the next few months. Amenzone Fitness offers a unique franchise opportunity for those interested in a natural approach in health and the fitness industry.  A low investment, multiple revenue streams and a socially conscious franchise that supports the fight of childhood obesity; Amenzone is offering key locations throughout the country to qualified franchisees.

"We are thrilled to expand our primal fitness philosophy nationwide –  no weights, no machines, no mirrors, and no excuses," said Amen Iseghohi, founder of Amenzone Fitness / Amenzone Foundation. "Our goal is to promote functional movement as a vehicle for self-empowerment for all ages ranging from 8 to 80 years old. The Fountain Hills community is the perfect match for our philosophy.”

A membership pre-sale,, currently offers an exclusive membership deal, including unlimited classes and a free 3 day pass prior to the grand opening. For more information about Amenzone Franchising opportunities go to

Amenzone Primal Fitness is a back-to-the-basics primal approach. Workouts are built around mostly recycled equipment and an atmosphere unlike any other workout facility - you’ll find no weights, machines or even mirrors at the facility. The workouts are structured around basic car tires, boxing bags and pull up bars. Founder, Amen Iseghohi believes that most people have misguided intentions at the gym and often compare the worst of themselves to the best of others.  So, by stripping away all the excess found at traditional gyms the client is left to depend on themself to perform. Participants are pushed both mentally and physically. The movements are unique and can be grueling, yet followers keep coming back for more as so many lives have been transformed.

About Amenzone Foundation –

Formed in 2009, the Amenzone Foundation is passionate about eliminating the devastating effects of childhood obesity and creating healthy communities. The foundation’s programs are grassroot efforts designed to encourage underserved children and their families to be their own leaders in the solution of this global epidemic.  The foundation partners with established out-of-school-time (OST) organizations offering their membership comprehensive programs led by an Amenzone certified trainer. The Amenzone Foundation programs are unique in that they leverage national childhood obesity  resources with a  primal,  back to basics,  simply energizing approach. Children are empowered with knowledge and confidence to use the resources readily available to them, in their own environment, to make good, healthy life choices.


Lisa LaFon – (602) 954-4678;

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"Fitness Girl" - Sexy Kitchen Apron - 100% Polyester

The original, beautiful and colorful kitchen apron, featuring high definition image print. Completely produced in Italy by ITATI and imported by ITATI America. Made of 100% durable polyester fabric, with Anti-Spot and No-Need-to-Iron technology. Machine washable up to 122°F. No tumble dry. Non toxic and environment friendly. Contact us for more info on wholesale prices. Total waist measures 60".


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The Gluten Free Bistro Launches New Bistro Bites!

Happy New Year Gluten-Free Consumers! The Gluten Free Bistro is proud to announce the launch of their new product, Bistro Bites Mini Pizzas (4 per box) available in Margherita and Pepperoni Styles. Bistro Bites were created to offer their customers a topped version of their signature gluten-free pizza crust and dough in a mini-size perfect for meals or snacks. Like all The Gluten Free Bistro’s products, Bistro Bites are made with 100% whole grain flours and non-GMO ingredients. In addition, the cheese is rBST/rBGH free (hormone-free) and the pepperoni is free of nitrites and nitrates, making the Bistro Bites one of the healthiest gluten-free products available. Bistro Bites will be available January 2013,  in 20 King Soopers in Colorado and Whole Foods Rocky Mountain Region and will retail for $5.99. Please visit for the King Soopers and other retail locations where their products are available.

Kelly McCallister, CFO for The Gluten Free Bistro states, “The Bistro Bites were a natural extension of our gluten-free product line. Customers have been asking for a topped version of our popular gluten-free (allergen-free) pizza crust and we created a healthy product that we would feed our families. Great tasting products with high quality ingredients are our top priority and we know our customers will just love these!”

The Gluten Free Bistro is dedicated to providing products with exceptional taste and high quality nutritious ingredients. Their gourmet products are the #1 choice among chefs and critics for superior texture and flavor. In addition, the company’s products were chosen for two years in a row as a part of Team Garmin-Sharp’s menu for The USA ProCycling Challenge 2011-2012 in Colorado. As innovators in healthy gluten-free foods, their products are made with 100% whole grain flours providing protein, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and B vitamins with no enrichment necessary. Enjoy all natural non-GMO gluten-free foods that are low in sodium, sugar, and starch and GF certified by the GFCO.

The Gluten Free Bistro was founded by three gluten-intolerant Boulder locals who were dissatisfied with the gluten-free foods available. After many years, they have perfected modern, healthy and divine tasting gluten-free products. The company's founders include two nutritionists and a foodie. Now, those with gluten intolerance and celiac disease can have pizza or fresh-style pasta in a trendy restaurant, pizzeria, or at home. No more feeling left out! Please visit  for a complete directory of restaurant and retail locations that carry their products or call 720.329.3254. Join us on Facebook (The Gluten Free Bistro Famous Pizza Crust) or follow us on Twitter/Pinterest (gfreebistro) to keep on top of the latest news.

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Aerobic Fitness Silhouette - 4 - 36"W x 36"H - Peel and Stick Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys

WallMonkeys uses premium materials & state-of-the-art production technologies. Our wall graphics apply in minutes and won't damage your paint or leave any residue behind. PLEASE double check the size of the image you are ordering prior to clicking the 'ADD TO CART' button. Our graphics are offered in a variety of sizes and prices.
  • WallMonkeys are intended for indoor use only.
  • Please do not wash or get the surface of your Wallmonkeys decal wet.
  • We suggest at least two people to help apply decals 48 inches or larger.
  • Your order will ship within 3 business days, often sooner. Some orders require the full 3 days to allow dark colors and inks to fully dry prior to shipping. Quality is worth waiting an extra day for!
  • Our huge selection of decals are perfect for virtually any use: school projects, trade shows, teachers classrooms, colleges, nurseries, college dorms, event planners, and corporations of all size.


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  • Healthy food launched the boost section, powder to food nutrition.

    Food for Health International (FFH) has launched a new arm of the company for the purpose of helping businesses meet consumer demand increases for the health products and food. Best powder or powder all powders with alongside the FFH restaurant more than 50 premium nutrition with unprecedented quality, can make a difference for hundreds of natural products and new.

    Trends in today's fast food Too much processing receiving prompt growth of the counterculture as food: customers still find comfort and taste, but few are willing to pay for a product that has the integrity of food ingredients to guarantee purity and sustainability this has pushed extensions to reformulate existing products to several companies.

    FFH powder helps businesses meet needs healthy food with a variety of presentations of organic fruit and vegetable powder and GMO grass? "Health foods International has been investing in the growth of the market for natural products for nearly a decade, said Frank Davis, CEO," it is wonderful for consumers interested in pushing business to improve the quality of their products. And we're excited to help you make ".

    All of the FFH powder produced by pioneering technologies that preserve nutrient compounds almost all work out during the process of intensive heat. Fruit & vegetable powder produced by PowderPure technology exploits the gentle wavelength of light to evaporate water molecules. Raw grass powder produced using the spray drying conditions on the temperature of the body for most of the route and never heats above products 106 º f.

    These technologies are effective, so the powder can offer truly equal to teaspoon powder jar: just send the same molecular structure and the nutrition content is one from serving the entire. In addition, these powders maintain their color and taste fresh and artificial colors, flavors and fun year preservatives. There are a variety of FFH and powder can be defined well in a variety of natural supplements. Food and drink, even though the application may extend to cosmetics. Colors and other options also provide reselling FFH and/or private labeling of fresh bulk powder instead. 1: 1.

    About health food international:

    FFH is manufactured powerhouse. Marketing and sales that are committed in a healthy lifestyle and self-empowered just eight FFH has launched several innovative brands, including Activz a list of nutritional supplements with pure. Life nutrition For more information about health food, or its brand, visit or call 866.206.9876.

    Contact: Derek Christensen, VP Sales,, office: cell: 801 801.615.7771.717.6461.

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    Accu-Measure Fitness 3000 Personal Body Fat Tester

    Enjoy the ability to measure body fat easily by yourself, in the privacy of your own home, with the reliability and accuracy that is expected of today's registered medical devices. Recommended in Body-for-LIFE and endorsed by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Testers have gold standard accuracy to within 1.1% of underwater weighing results! Comes with an original Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Tester, men's and women's Body Fat Measurement Charts, Instructions for Body Fat Measurement, Body Fat Tracking Chart, and questions and answers on body fat. Clinically proven to be more accurate than lengthy, complicated methods costing thousands of dollars. Raised markings provide clear, precise measurements. Patented audible and tactile click ensures correct, consistent, and repeatable measurements. Get test results in seconds in three easy steps.

    Price: $19.99

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    Jennifer Hamady: The Pregnancy Perspective

    I have the luxury of being six months pregnant. I say luxury because there really is no better word to describe it. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually it has been the greatest granter of perspective I've ever had -- an ongoing, in-body experience that contests the mind from within and reminds me of what truly matters. Marriage for me has been similarly transformative. To view the world through another's eyes and not only love, but long for the realization of that world as much as my own has been one of the most beautiful gifts I've been given.

    For some, these statements might seem odd, if not entirely off. Many think of pregnancy and marriage as sacrifices... the beginning of a series of tradeoffs and compromises one makes in a life ideally spent in self-actualization. For me however, it is quite the opposite. Rather than resist the deterioration of the boundaries and borders around my notion of "self," the selflessness required to be an effective partner and mother -- as well as community member and friend -- has provided for the most whole, true, and actualized notion of myself I have ever known.

    How? By demonstrating how ineffective and false so many of those boundaries and borders were to begin with, as well as revealing the blind righteousness of the persona -- rather than the person -- they were protecting. Unfortunately, in our culture of competition, individualism, and success-driven mania, we generally do not view selflessness as the opportunity it is. Instead, we are taught from an early age that "who we are" is a function of what we accomplish and where we rank against other people and according to a host of measures -- as well as the thoughts and anxieties that come with both -- rather than how and with whom we spend our time, the quality of those experiences and relationships, and the fullness of the contributions we make to others and the world.

    The problem with this view is its implication that our worth is a variable function of achievement, rather than an inherent truth of being. And that only through progressive steps toward their end -- proving, doing, and striving -- may we fulfill and even become who we are. Selflessness and the commitments they stem from, on the other hand, provide us with a more accurate and healthy view of the human condition. That we are -- each of us -- inherently worthy creatures, whose accomplishment of true success is fulfilled when we are present to and fully participating in life, as well as deeply connected to those around us.

    I am reminded of my friend John's years in the Marshall Islands, which taught him this important lesson. The notion of "who a person is" -- their inherent worth -- is bestowed at birth. You are a member of the Marshallese community and thus, have already succeeded in life. The rest of what you choose to do, however you decide to explore and experience the world and yourself in it, is icing on the cake. And not surprisingly (to the Marshallese, anyway) that freedom often allows for more fulfilling, as well as successful, relationships and lives.

    While not a common view here in the states, we too can choose to relax our stronghold on the "achievement as worth" conversation, along with the insecurity, anxiety, and scarcity-based thinking that so often come with it. When we do, we begin to experience the peace and fulfillment -- and true sense of accomplishment -- that come from participating with others as already complete and successful beings, rather than struggling, straining, and striving on our own to become something we believe we inherently can never be.

    As Mother's Day approaches, I am humbled by these lessons of partnership, as well as those of parenthood -- the privilege of birthing your best teacher, seeing your clearest mirror, and walking beside your greatest reminder for a lifetime. The opportunity waits for us all, to know our true selves by embracing responsibility and accountability to the people in our lives. Those who -- if we let them -- teach us that only when we give up life as an "all about me" exercise do we find true peace, joy, and fulfillment... as well as who we really are.

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    Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010

    Building on the success of her first videogame, star fitness trainer Jillian Michaels returns to Wii with a new and improved fast-paced, high-intensity workout in Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2010. Set on a rugged, Pacific jungle island, players will enter a Hell Week-style boot camp filled with many new features and workout modes for 2010, including more accurate motion tracking and a calendar system enabling the user to program routines on a period of up to 6 months. Finally, you'll never train alone with direct feedback and motivation from Jillian for greater results! Game design by health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels: > Features Jillian's motion-captured movements > Fitness routines created by Jillian > All-new audio from Jillian

    Price: $19.99

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    Lauren Cahn: Breasts: What's Really Wrong With Breast Cancer

    What is it about breast cancer? What makes it so disgusting on the one hand, and yet so compelling on the other? Why is it so difficult for a woman to tell a man that she's had breast cancer -- without blushing? Why is it so difficult to tell anyone that you've had breast cancer without feeling as if you've given away some portion of power, however impossible to measure?

    I'm here to tell you: Breast cancer is about breasts. "Really?" you say, "I'd never have guessed." Well, put away the "scoff" emoticon for a moment and consider what that really means. Think about breasts. Breasts. Is there a female body part with which our society is more obsessed than breasts? Is there any obsession so equally matched by inherent shame?

    Pre-teen girls can't wait to start wearing a bra, unless they actually have already developed breasts, in which case they are ashamed to have to wear one. By the time girls hit their teens, they already understand that breasts come in only two sizes: too big and too small. We know that the boys like them. But, do we really want them to? So, we slouch so that we won't be so "obvious."

    By the time we grow up, we are pretty sure that it's a good thing that men like our breasts. Yet this leads to a whole new set of issues. "Eyes up here!" we think when we're talking to a man who can't seem take his eyes off of our decolletage, despite that we like dressing in a manner that accentuates our curves. Philip Roth's 1955 novella, The Breast, riffed on the topic by turning its breast-worshipping male protagonist into a breast -- a 155-pound, walking, talking breast that couldn't stop debating desire versus reason (or, as anyone who has read Philip Roth's works understands, essentially, obsession versus shame).

    Breasts are one of the very first subjects of our sexual negotiations: Who can see them? Who can touch them, and if so, on what terms? How many dates before it's permitted? And what is the process for granting permission? When is it appropriate for the bra to come off? If we consent to the bra's removal, should we assist with the inevitable bra-hook-fumbling? Does that make us seem "slutty" because we "want it"? Or does it make us seem powerful because we "want it"? The Black-Eyed Peas parlayed the notion of breasts (and also asses) as power into a hit song with 2005's "My Humps," in which a woman uses her "lovely lady lumps" to turn a man into silly putty: "What you gon' do wit all that breast? All that breast inside that shirt?" he asks. "I'ma make, make, make, make you work. Make you work, work, make you work," she tells him.

    But just as we've seemingly gotten it all figured out, we realize that the game has changed. We realize at some point that if a man wants to see a woman topless, he can do so pretty easily. He can go to a strip club or open any number of magazines. Or he can go to an R-rated movie. Or he can watch Game of Thrones or Girls on HBO. Or he can go to a bachelor party. Or he can go on the Internet (there's porn readily available there, I'm told). Thus, it seems that breasts have somehow transformed from "mystical" to "seemingly ubiquitous."

    And that's not the only transformation breasts seem to have undergone. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), more than 42,000 American women underwent surgery to make the breasts bigger or smaller or perkier in 2011 alone. That's a lot of women who felt the need to spend thousands of dollars and accept the risks of surgery in order to make their breasts bigger or smaller or perkier. And that number does not even account for the many thousands of women who underwent breast reduction surgery -- it only accounts for women who underwent implant removal. Nor does it account for the a 93,000 women who underwent breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

    But none of this is without ambivalence: One who is perfectly comfortable with sexualized ogling of breasts may be equally uncomfortable with seeing breasts used to feed a baby. Breastfeeding in front of other people continues to be an issue of etiquette, if not exactly law. While most hospitals take no issue with breast-enhancement surgeries, some of those hospitals actually ban all websites relating to breast reconstruction, breast prosthetics and post-mastectomy bras. (I know this from personal experience: While hospitalized in Westchester County, N.Y. for a failed reconstruction in 2010, I was unable to research my post-surgical options due to the hospital's firewall.)

    And any woman who has ever been pregnant knows that the breasts are the focal point long before the belly becomes prominent. Yet it seems that on network television, only the belly grows; the breasts are coyly ignored. Not sexy enough since they belong to a pregnant woman? Not pretty enough since they don't grow larger for aesthetic purposes, but to prepare to become a milk-producing factory? And then there is whatever we can extrapolate from the fact that not all women who undergo mastectomy go on to have reconstructive surgery, notwithstanding that insurers who pay for mastectomy are required to pay for reconstruction and notwithstanding that there is research that suggests that women who undergo reconstruction may have a more favorable prognosis than women who don't. The bottom line is that what is really wrong with breast cancer is that it originates in the breast. It betrays women as women.

    When I was diagnosed in 2002, I knew immediately that I wanted nothing more to do with those traitorous appendages that were threatening my life. But seeing the bruises from my biopsies? I felt mangled on a level far deeper than any bruise on my knee could ever make me. And then the thought of cutting into them? These mounds of flesh that I had wished for and then felt shamed by? That had been at once a source of power and a source of vulnerability? That I had despised when they failed to resemble the cute pregnant breasts of TV moms, but that I celebrated as the miraculous sole source of nutrition during the first three months of the lives of my children? That I alternately loved and hated right up until the moment I counted backward from 100 on the operating room table where I gave them up in a bid to save my life?

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    Garmin FR70 Fitness Watch with Heart-Rate Monitor (Pink)

    Stay motivated and accomplish your fitness goals with FR70, a sleek fitness watch plus workout tool that tracks your time, heart rate and calories burned. FR70 sports a fresh new look and colors and a comfortable wristband.

    Train Indoors or Out

    In the gym or on the road, FR70 tracks all your workout data, including time, heart rate, calories burned and more. At the heart of its success is FR70's wireless ANT+™ technology, which allows it to connect to other ANT+ compatible devices, like the included heart rate monitor, optional foot pod, or even ANT+ compatible fitness equipment.

    Monitor Your Health

    You also can track weight, body fat, body water and six other measurements when using the FR70 with the Tanita BC-1000 body composition scale. The readings are stored on FR70, then automatically sent to Garmin Connect™ when in range of your computer.

    Listen to Your Heart

    FR70 also connects wirelessly to a heart rate monitor, providing instant feedback about how hard you're working. FR70 continuously tracks heart beats per minute and displays your heart rate zone, so you can monitor and improve your fitness level.

    Go for Distance

    With the ANT+ seamless wireless link, FR70 connects to the optional wireless foot pod, which tracks your distance and speed effortlessly, both indoors and out. Using advanced accelerometer technology, the foot pod collects and sends precise data about your movements, gathering distance and speed data.


    When paired with an optional speed/cadence sensor, FR70 tracks the speed and distance of your cycling workouts. The wireless speed/cadence sensor attaches securely to your bike and measures your pedaling cadence and wheel speed as you ride. You even can use it to train indoors because the sensor attaches to your rear wheel.

    Sync and Share

    Once your workout is done, FR70 automatically transfers data to your PC or Mac®, wirelessly when in range. No cables, no hookups. The data’s just there, ready for you to analyze, categorize and share through our online community, Garmin Connect.

    What's in the Box:

    • FR70

    • Heart rate monitor

    • USB ANT Stick™

    • Manual

    Price: $129.99

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    Southern Cross sakammayi used spray deer Antler to the next level.

    Southern Cross sakammayi. Leaders in industrial spray deer antler is releasing a new 1000 j j extremely sublingual IGF is designed to give the user a high quantity of IGF-1 in the most efficient way, spray deer antler have gained attention recently for its ability to increase muscle strength. Patience and a lot of energy while velvet deer antler suppliers seemed to appear overnight Southern Cross sakammayi, the source for the deer antler spray almost 9 years as an agent of the company, Southern Cross, the deer antler for sale still on spray, sayang, but also introduces a new transportation system for deer antler velvet extract, these systems are very much j-1000 1000 IGF IGF sublingual, gel intended to the user has the maximum quantity of IGF-1 and growth hormone.

    The deer's antler extract gel concentrate, spray deer antler is due to a limitation of the ability of a sprayer to spray high concentrations of deer antler extract. The intensity of this increase is intended to allow users to take advantage of most of the "deer velvet Antler extract properties in extending and performance," said the Agency "has determined a standard solution, 1000 more IGF Pantocrine extracts from natural materials that are found in red deer are Ma aenloe mark. Determine how to maintain all of the ingredients of the extract in purified format. Processes that help increase blood absorption rate and very high IGF 1000 made more than 6 times the energy we spray deer antler.

    Velvet Southern Cross will use velvet deer antler head start separating marketplace to provide users with a new format and optimizing of deer antler extract Southern Cross, the sakammayi helped push the industry forward with new products such as deer Antler dog supplement that came out more than seven years ago – and there are now many IGF 1000 j.

    About the Southern Cross sakammayi: this year's 14 Southern Cross velvet import and distribution of sadai good deer antler velvet deer antler deer antler powder spray concentrates and deer antler pet supplement from the New Zealand Southern Cross sakammayi furnishes a complete analysis of the biological micro-pure powder, extract and Antler products are all licensed and certified laboratory, processed and harvested under the most humane conditions. Southern Cross, the sakammayi support, especially in the treatment of stray animals, and used in the process, the Government allowed the velvet.

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    Posit Science Brain Fitness Program for Two People

    Exercise is good for your brain: The Posit Science Brain Fitness Program
    The Brain Fitness Program was developed by Posit Science, the leading provider of scientifically validated brain fitness products and services. Posit Science works with more than 50 leading scientists globally to create computer programs that give the brain a workout. Proven effective in dozens of published studies, these programs improve memory, increase brain speed, and help people get the most out of life.

    Featuring six exercises that speed up and sharpen how the brain processes and remembers speech and other sounds.

    The IMPACT study--the largest study to examine a widely available brain fitness program--found that the Brain Fitness Program helped older adults:

    - Improve memory by 10+ years
    - Increase brain processing speed by 131%
    - Enhance everyday life by helping users feel more confident and independent

    Early research has also found promising results for mild cognitive impairment (MCI), Alzheimer's disease, chemobrain, and cognitive symptoms associated with other conditions.

    How Does the Program Work?
    Posit Science programs exercise the brain and drive physical changes that create new neural pathways and connections. These positive changes can directly improve memory, attention, and other cognitive abilities.

    Minimum System Requirements

    Windows 2000, XP Home or Professional, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
    At least 256MB RAM (512MB for Vista)
    1 GHz or faster processor
    x24 CD-ROM or DVD drive
    500MB free disk space
    Internet access

    Power PC 10.3.9 - 10.4.x
    Intel 10.4.x - 10.6.x
    Will not run on 10.7.x - 10.8.x
    At least 512MB RAM
    Combo drive/DVD
    1GB free disk space
    Headphone jack
    Internet access

    Price: $495.00

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    Weigh Loss Stress Fighting People

    The body by Serge Serge Pretto has a training program that is great for toning weight loss stress fighting people. Muscle building and youthful style.  Body by Serge has developed an agenda of any workout, and anyone who wants to achieve the goal of a performance. Nature & wellness customers can work at home or at the gym.

    Serge's hot training tips:

    1. most food processing business from the training. Fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy grains, and plenty of water are necessary to lose weight. Muscle gain and operation of appropriate cells.

    2. develop a regime based on lifestyle Diet and exercise in all of these areas affect each other and around the target and set a plan to expand the results.

    3. regular exercise and stress reduction and helped many people sleep, suffer from snoring sleep problems insomnia. And training to resolve these problems by causing the body to balance and reducing the fat in the body.

    4. lighter weight and more repetitions to strengthen muscles while heavier weights and fewer repetitions to build muscle. Working with a trainer who can tailor a specific set of commands in order to obtain results faster.

    In addition, nutrition scientists and all the training that the human body needs more than 40 different nutrients, depending on whether the goal of the training. Food is important.

    Finally, create a feed with amino acid (protein), Essential fatty acids (fats and oils), and the source of energy (calories from fat and protein haidaret Boulder cars) Of course water, vitamins and minerals are also necessary, there are 5 important factors necessary for life to survive: these are the minerals and carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen elements. Carbon hydrogen and oxygen contained in fats and carbohydrates In addition, they also found Adding nitrogen in protein.

    Body by Serge is seeking new clients in New York, please contact Serge, visit for more information today.

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    Lug Cartwheel Fitness/Overnight Bag, Sunset Orange

    You're going to flip for this bag's unique front patch. It's the perfect place to slip bigger items, like your yoga mat. But that's not all this brilliant bag can boast. You'll find oodles of pockets: two big cargo ones, lots more little ones, zipped ones, and soft-lined ones for gadgets. There's even a special ring holder for your baubles when you're at the gym. You'll also find Lug favorites, like a ventilated compartment, clear coated bottom for easy cleaning, and a luggage strap. Plus, this bag comes with a bonus: a removable key fob.

    Price: $95.00

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    The Conditioning Classroom publishes Eating Simply, the definitive guide to healthy eating

    An easy-to-read guide to healthy eating!  Trainers Dianne Bailey, CSCS and Grant Pettegrew, CSCS - owners of The Conditioning Classroom in Centennial, CO - have just published Eating Simply which answers the question, “Why can’t eating well just be simple?”  And at just 94 pages in an inviting format, starting your journey with this guide is also simple. The authors have done their research and have years of experience helping clients with their food struggles, but they choose to present simple solutions instead of the tedious nutritional science.

    Filled with great information and real-life implementation tools, this book helps the common man and woman take control of their food life.  When you think about  healthy eating, don’t you think, “complicated, time-consuming, tasteless and boring?”  This book shows you it doesn’t have to be!  The first part of the book explains that Eating Simply does not come from a box, nor is it "simple" to just eat out every meal.  It covers the 5 tenets of Eating Simply:  Eat Frequently, Eat Naturally, Eat Completely, Eat Less Sugar and Eat to be Stable. It explains how and why planning is all important.  And it provides a 4-point checklist explaining how you can Eat Simply for weight loss.

    The book begins with the mantra: “Eating should be pleasurable.  Eating should be flavorful. Eating should provide nutrition to your body.  Eating should not take excessive amounts of your time.  Eating should support your goals.  Eating should not be stressful.  Eating should be simple.” We can all agree with these thoughts!

    With recipes, preparation tips, planning tools and even 5 simple food exercises to get you going, this book will take the mystery out of taking care of your family’s meal planning.  It even admits that weekends can be challenging to stay on the healthy path and gives you guidance that allows fun without destroying all you’ve worked towards during the week! If you are uncomfortable in the kitchen, this book will be a simple compass guiding you as you learn to navigate the incorporation of real, healthy food into your life.

    Within each chapter, this book encourages real people to take simple steps toward improving their bodies and their lives by eating well.  No need to feel intimidated by cooking or think you must become a gourmet chef. No need to remain in fast food purgatory any more . . . learn that Eating Simply can become the basis for a happier, healthier, spicier you!

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    Samsung Galaxy S3 Fitness Accessory Bundle / Three TPU Cases (Black, Smoke, Blue) / Black Leather Wallet Case / Sport Armband (Black/Blue) / Four Stylus Pens (Blue, Light Blue) / Two Screen Protectors and Free ECO-FUSED® Lanyard and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Included - AT&T (SGH-i747), US Cellular, T-Mobile (SGH-T999), and International (GT-i9300)

    The ECO-FUSED® Ladies Fitness Combo for the Samsung Galaxy s3 includes everything you need for your phone! This is the perfect bundle for the person on the go. Included are a Black Sport Armband with Pink trim, made of a breathable, easy to clean neoprene for workouts, running, biking, walks, and more. A sleek synthetic Leather Wallet Case has space for the essential bank cards or id, giving you the freedom to have one item in your pocket, purse or gym bag. We have also included THREE Colorful TPU cases allow you to keep your valuable smart phone in exceptional condition by preserving its factory casing.

    We have paid special attention to the openings in these cases to allow easy access for connectors, chargers, camera, and buttons. ECO-FUSED cases are excellent products to protect your valuable mobile device.

    This Bundle includes FOUR Stylus Pens compatible with the Samsung s3 and all other touch screen devices, and TWO Screen Protectors to eliminate scratches, dings, and fingerprints on your touch screen.

    Compatible with the following versions of the Galaxy S III: AT&T (SGH-i747), US Cellular, T-Mobile (SGH-T999), and International (GT-i9300)

    1 x Sport Armband
    1 x Wallet Case
    3 x TPU Cases
    2 x Long Stylus Pens (4.5 in)
    2 x Short Stylus Pen (1.7 in)
    2 x Screen Protectors
    1 x ECO-FUSED® Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 5.5"x3.0"

    If for any reason you are not happy with any product by ECO-FUSED® please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently! We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products. ECO-FUSED® -USPTO# 85557072- is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law. ECO-FUSED® products are sold by authorized sellers only. Samsung Galaxy not included

    Price: $39.99

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    Spa Week and St. Martin’s Press Present The Ladies’ Night Giveaway

    Just in time for beach reading season, New York Times bestselling author, Mary Kay Andrews, returns with the perfect cocktail of romance, mystery and comedy with LADIES’ NIGHT (St. Martin’s Press, June 4, 2013). In celebration of one of the most highly anticipated novels of the summer, Spa Week is giving one lucky group of friends the chance to win the ultimate pampering prize package by entering the Ladies’ Night Giveaway.  

    During the month of May, visitors to can enter for a chance to truly treat themselves and three friends with well-deserved spa treatments and a fabulous night on the town. Each person will receive a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week® which will give them the option to indulge at their choice of over 7,500 spas and wellness locations nationwide. After their day of relaxation, this primped and pampered group of gals will feel rejuvenated and ready to let loose however they choose thanks to a $200 Visa Gift Card. Whether it’s dinner, cocktails or dancing (or perhaps all three) on the agenda, there’s nothing quite like kicking up those heels with your best friends in tow. Feet feeling a little sore the next day? Kick back, relax and recuperate with a signed copy of Mary Kay Andrews’ LADIES’ NIGHT. Ten runners up will also each receive a signed copy.

    Mary Kay Andrews is The New York Times bestselling author of Spring Fever, Summer Rental, The Fixer Upper, Deep Dish, Blue Christmas, Savannah Breeze, Hissy Fit, Little Bitty Lies, and Savannah Blues.

    About Spa Week Media Group, Ltd.

    Spa Week Media Group, Ltd. is North America's fastest-growing, most respected spa and wellness marketing company. Through its web presence on, millions of consumers from coast to coast benefit from an abundance of resources necessary to experience a healthier, well-rounded lifestyle, 365 days a year. Since its inception in 2004, Spa Week has continued to revolutionize the industry with the success of its bi-annual Spring and Fall Events' signature $50 spa services, life-changing promotions and robust gift card program. A true health and wellness finder, Spa Week continues its dedication of delivering the best in health and wellness year round with its Spa & Wellness Gift Card, the premier spa gift card of choice by consumers. Accepted at over 7,500 spas and wellness locations across North America and sold in over 22,000 retail stores nationwide including Target, CVS, Rite Aid, and Sam's Club and on, it’s never been more convenient to give and enjoy the gift of wellness.

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    Shape Fitness Music: Walk 1 60's Hits

    No Pain No Gain Exercise Workout Fitness Gym Health and Fitness Vinyl Lettering Wall Art Quotes Decal comes in Black matte vinyl and measures approx. 8" tall and 22" in width. Includes easy step by step application instructions. Vinyl wall quotes are the latest trend in home and office decor. Photo may not represent actual size, please refer to actual measurements listed for size. These designs are copyrighted and trademarked by Vinyl Wall Art Quotes. Any products and designs reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of Vinyl Wall Art Quotes is strictly prohibited.

    Price: $12.98

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    Vibrio vulnificus Discussed in New Online Video

    Today, the IAQ Video Network and Cochrane & Associates announced the release of another online video to help educate the public about issues that may impact their health.  Their latest educational video discusses health issues associated with Vibrio vulnificus.

    Vibrio vulnificus is a bacterium in the same family as those that cause cholera. It normally lives in warm seawater and can cause disease in those who eat contaminated seafood or have an open wound that is exposed to seawater. Although Vibrio vulnificus is a rare cause of disease, it is also believed to be underreported.

    “With healthy people, ingesting the organism can cause vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain,” reported Paul Cochrane, President of Cochrane and Associates, the company behind the IAQ Video Network and the new public outreach video.  “In immune-compromised persons, particularly those with chronic liver disease, it can infect the bloodstream causing a fatal outcome about 50% of the time. We hope this online video helps to shed some light on this organism.”

    To view this video please visit:

    To view over 200 past videos about environmental, health & safety topics, please visit:

    This educational video was sponsored by a number of organizations and leading industry professionals that help protect the public’s health. Sponsors include: EMSL Analytical, LA Testing, Clark Seif Clark and Mold Solutions to name a few.

    To learn more, or to inquire about IAQ Video Network sponsorship opportunities, please visit or, email or call (602)510-3179.

    About Cochrane & Associates, LLC & the IAQ Video Network
    Cochrane & Associates is a business development, public relations and marketing consulting firm that specializes in the environmental, HVAC, mold and indoor air quality industries. The company has worked with many of the industries’ leading institutions and companies and continues to be an innovator in the industry. They are also the driving force behind the IAQ Video Network.

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    Timex T5J031 Unisex Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch

    Zone Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor with a black resin strap and digital display, INDIGLO night-light, 100-hour chronograph, 27-lap memory, 100-hour countdown timer, Alarm with 5 min back up, Water resistant to 30 meters, Target zones, Zone trainer, Average heart rate, Time in zone, Calories burned, Recovery timer, Max heart rate, Digital transmission, Data Recorder compatible

    Price: $99.95

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    This Holiday Season, Start 2013 Like Our Ancestors Did 10,000 Years Ago

    Most people gain between one and three pounds over the holiday season, according to health professionals ( ( To combat this trend, Your Chef Next Door – a home-delivery food service based in Northboro, Massachusetts – has just launched a meal program called “Positively Primal,” based on the popular Paleolithic (Paleo) diet, also known as the Caveman diet.

    Says Rebecca Scanlon, CEO of Your Chef Next Door, “I’ve been following a Paleo diet for years now. I’ve lost weight and feel healthier than I have ever before. Many people want to follow the plan, but their lives are so much busier than those of cavemen and cavewomen. We decided to simplify the diet, delivering great-tasting Paleo meals directly to people’s homes.”

    The diet, which has been proven to combat high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity, is based on eating plants and animals similar to what cavemen are presumed to have eaten around 10,000 years ago. For example, lean meat, organ meats, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and nuts are permitted, but the diet discourages consuming any dairy, grains, sugar, legumes, potatoes, processed oils, and foods grown after agriculture started. A typical “meal” from Your Chef Next Door’s Positively Primal menu consists of a protein and two vegetable or Paleo-approved sides. This may include:

    ·       Almond Crusted Salmon topped with fresh cilantro

    ·       Orange Chicken with shredded beets

    ·       Zucchini Noodles with house made marinara, and sausage.

    ·       Blackened Mahi-Mahi with asparagus and olive tapenade

    ·       Flank Steak Roulade- stuffed with spinach, zucchini, red pepper and bacon.

    ·       Roasted Lamb with blackberry sauce

    Customers will receive a 15% discount every time they order from the Positively Primal menu throughout the entire month of January, and the first 50 people who order get a free “Get Positively Primal” tee shirt. The tees are also available for sale on Your Chef Next Door’s website (

    The program is also being marketed to gyms and health clubs in Massachusetts. Trainers have long been fans of the Paleo diet because of its impact on energy levels and emphasis on clean, simple nutrition.

    For consumers who prefer to eat like 2013 homo sapiens, a full range of meal programs are also available on the website.

    “We’re bringing great healthy food from our cave to your table!’” proclaims Scanlon who co-founded Your Chef Next Door with her brother, Chef Chris Moran. All meals are prepared by Chef Moran, who graduated from the French Culinary Institute and who has over fifteen years of restaurant experience.

    About Your Chef Next Door

    Your Chef Next Door is the latest collaboration between brother and sister, Chris and Rebecca. Both busy parents, their mission is to make life easier with nutritious meals that can be delivered straight to customers’ doorsteps. Everyone has goals, whether it's to lose weight, eat healthier, or just get something nutritious on the table for the family. They understand how difficult it can be to plan, shop and prepare healthy meals on a regular basis. They launched Your Chef Next Door to make life less stressful and healthier without sacrificing great taste.

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    Oster Ironman 250-Watt Fitness Blender, Accessory Bottle

    Perfect for the goal-oriented, health enthusiast. The Ironman Fitness Blender Sport bottle works with the Ironman by Oster Fitness blender. It offers quick and convenient one-touch blending. Nutrients for pre-workout energy or post-workout recovery can be consumed in moments. This essential fitness gadget blends directly into a 20-ounce dishwasher safe BPA-free sport bottle, eliminating the need extra steps and messy clean up. A powerful 250-watt motor and stainless steel blade crush ice and fren fruit without a hitch to create homemade healthy drinks on demand. Sports bottle features a slip resistant rubber grip and convenient clip.

    Price: $15.99

    Click here to buy from Amazon

    The author name for the first amour

    Ambassador lifestyle & Spokesmodel Hotel Grand Hotel is the new student writing support for (GMO). Her article is mainly focused on health and fitness. To give advice on how to eat right. Exercise techniques. Getting your own personal weight loss etc. The first article, titled "what do you do to lose weight" can be found here: ...

    At birth, more brands with health and fitness that made this partnership fits. Magazine, a young woman looking for content that can add to or improve their lives. Her first article, useful information and tips about the benefits of drinking and how it helps in reducing weight. The reader can find a formula with "Spa" in the article so interesting and tasty drink.

    "I am honored to be the official sponsor for the shadow magazine. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on the topic in beauty. Fashion and textile industry, with readers hope every women will feel empowered and inspired by my advice and keep a positive feedback from my support, said Genesis amour.

    In addition to writing for, Spokesmodel work with the spread of news about health and fitness, including the signature workshop, she spoke in person to the team about how to improve their lifestyle and other initiatives. Improvements in Genesis amour as Facebook and Twitter @AmourGenesis:

    About Hotel Genesis:
    First hotel brand catering to women of all ages are different. Indigenous people from social and physical characteristics, sexual orientation. In addition to helping women of all ages, there are women of Genesis amour passion for inspiring teenagers and young women who pursue their dreams and high end for a hosting service for her good like the spokesmodeling and brand Ambassador. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle media and participate in community relations and philanthropy.

    About GlossMagazineOnline:
    GlossMagazineOnline published the news that focuses on pop culture and is related to the trend setting baby African American women age 18-34, a publication that is dedicated to the online destination for news in this diverse group of women.

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    Reebok Women's Simplytone Fitness Shoe

    Get yourself an exercise partner with the Reebok Simplytone. These athletic sneakers work with your body in order to help shape and tone legs as you walk. Crafted into a unique shape to offer your body an additional way to work out, these kicks look and feel great as you tone up and get fit.

    Price: $100.00

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    What New Research Studies Really Have to Say About Multivitamins

    Multivitamins ( are a commonly used dietary supplement which contains a combination of vitamins and nutritional substances such as vitamins A, B, C, E, riboflavin, biotin, iodine and much more. Many individuals take multivitamins to supplement the lack of nutrients that are normally obtained from plant foods in a well balanced diet. Recent studies have made broad claims that multivitamins may actually increase the risk of serious health conditions such as cancer and may reduce the life span of average humans. These studies were very broad and lacking insufficient evidence, one should not jump to immediate conclusions of risks of taking multivitamins without further research.

    The credible truth behind multivitamins: More recent studies by health experts at such research facilities as Brigham and Harvard Medical School have otherwise deemed these extravagant claims as false. These most recent studies were tested using a pool of over 15,000 individuals who ranged from younger ages to age 50. The results of these studies concluded that in fact multivitamins do help prevent prostate cancer in males, do not increase the death risk in women and certainly supplement the daily needed amount of vitamins and nutrients that the average individual lacks in their diet.  

    The benifits of taking multivitamins: Multivitamin supplements are the right choice for individuals who do not take the necessary steps to obtain the nutrients vital for your health. The major benefits of taking a daily multivitamin include:

    Reduction of stress: A large amount of humans live a stressful life and do not take the time to incorporate the necessary steps to maintain optimal health. It has been proven that supplementing vital nutrients into your daily diet does help to improve stress levels.

    Prevent nutrient deficiency: The human body needs over 12 essential vitamins. Having vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, and a B complex supplemented into your regular diet is necessary to maintain optimal health and for you body to function properly.

    Helps to promote immune and body health in vegans: Many vegans maintain a diet which consists of only an animal free diet. A large amount of necessary nutrients are only find in animal meats and must be supplemented into a vegan diet to prevent creating a nutrient deficiency.

    What is Life Extension Mix: One of the most popular multivitamin supplements on the market is Life Extension Mix™ Multivitamin. ( Life Extension is the leading name when it comes to quality in the nutritional supplements industry. Life Extension has engineered a multivitamin which contains nearly every vital nutrient for maintaining optimal health. Such nutrients contained in Life Extension Mix include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Niacin, Calcium, Sesame Seed and Milk Thistle.

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    Academic Fitness Middle School (Weekly Reader)

    Academic Fitness Middle School from Weekly Reader is the latest way to ensure your knowledge is in tip-top shape. The program is comprised of the tools necessary for improvement in school: interactive computer software, video lessons, printable and on-screen tests, iPod Content, and Audio Books. There is even a parent’s section that allows parents to stay involved and monitor progress. The interactive computer software presents questions that correlate to the content learned in Middle School, so whether you are slowly moving through or building up speed, you can be sure that you are adding muscles to your brain. With thousands of interactive questions and answers, it makes learning fun and continually interesting all while building confidence and knowledge retention.

    The lessons utilize a proven multi-sensory approach that guides students through each subject while appealing to all types of learners. During the lessons, students can use top-notch reference tools to assist them with any questions. Words in blue can be clicked to display a Merriam-Webster dictionary and defines the word for them. Words in green can be clicked and it pops up an encyclopedia that suggests related topics for non-linear learning. Special on-screen and printable quizzes, combined with special assessment tools, let parents monitor progress and participate in their child’s education.

    The program also includes iPod lessons so students can take lessons with them on-the-go. Supplementary audio books are included so you can use any MP3 player as well. With Academic Fitness for Middle School, students will undoubtedly improve their grades, increase standardized test scores, and enhance their math and reading skills! Lessons in core subject areas include: Science, Math, Literature, English, U.S. History, and World History. Grades 6-8.

    Price: $39.99

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    Learn How to Make Healthy Drinks

    Drinks derived from fruits, vegetables, and herbs are the most healthy drinks packed with all the nutrients and dietary minerals essential to the body to function properly. Fruit juices such as orange, apple, pineapple, mango, and other succulent fruits are popular anywhere in the world and are usually distributed as tetra packs in groceries and markets. These fruit drinks are also distributed as powder soluble to water. However, fresh fruit drinks in liquid state are more recommended than processed powders because of the natural nutrients contained.

    Extracted similarly as fruit juices, vegetable juice is also a popular health beverage. Carrots, squash, tomato, and other succulent vegetables are the typical varieties extracted for this purpose. Powdered vegetable products are not as popular as powdered fruit drinks. Although the taste of vegetable drink is somewhat less desirable than fruit juices, the former contains more nutrients and vitamins than the latter.

    Hot beverages extracted from herbs known as teas are also very healthy and are recommended for those who are on a diet. More than the refreshing effect, tea drinks also have therapeutic effects recommended for those people who are on a conscious diet. Green tea and oolong tea are among the most popular varieties. Most of these beverages originate from Asia but some flavored teas also originate in Europe and America.

    For more information please visit for details

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    Skwoosh Fitness Cushion (Black)

    The Skwoosh Fitness Cushion delivers pressure relief right where you need it the most - right under your "sitz" bones. Skwoosh cushions combine medically proven pressure-relieving technology with ergonomic design, to help make your workout more comfortable, more effective and much more fun. The Skwoosh design and construction is so unique it fits most rowing machines, recumbent and stationary bikes and many other seating shapes found in a gym. It's so compact that it stores anywhere and takes up very little space in a gym bag or locker. So try the lightweight Skwoosh Fitness Cushion for your next workout and enjoy the benefits of exercise and comfort at the same time..

    Price: $23.95

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    How to Order a Total Diet Food Plan

    TDF offers the most personalised diet delivery plans in London and that’s why we love to talk your order through with you directly. Here is our step by step guide to ordering your TDF Plan. You can call us 7 days per week. 9am – 9pm and anytime you call, you will speak to a senior member of the team who will know how to look after you and get your plan arranged quickly and easily.

    How to order:

    1. Call us on 020 86778265 or request a call through our website and we will call you back.

    2. We will take you through a health questionnaire, discuss your health goals and ask you about your current exercise regime and diet.

    3. Our expert nutritionists then enter your details into our diet calculator and use the information to plan your diet for you. We create a balanced diet, with the correct amount of calories to ensure you hit your health goals.

    4. Delivery will be arranged and payment taken

    5. That's it, you can look forward to gourmet diet food being delivered every morning.

    6. One more thing.... We will contact you regularly to find out which meals you like, which ones are not so hot and generally how things are going. We want to make sure you love your meal plans and we can adapt things to suit you.

    You can cancel any time and receive a full refund if you are not happy (although nobody ever has... ) and you can order as many or as few days as you wish.

    Contact us 7 days per week on 020 86778265 between 9.00am and 21.00pm or via

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    The Fitness Challenge Board Game

    The Fitness Challenge is the game that helps you lose weight and get fit by creating a friendly competition between two people. The Fitness Challenge is like having a personal trainer in a box - everything you need to start and stick with your exercise program comes in one complete game. It's as easy as "pick a partner, place a wager, play 8 weeks".

    Price: $29.95

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    Ubbi Announces Partnership With My Gym

    Ubbi, creator of the stylish and versatile diaper pail, is excited  to announce its partnership with My Gym, a facility dedicated to helping children develop and grow physical, social, cognitive and emotional skills. Ubbi is thrilled to provide its can of steel to create an odor-free zone in every My Gym changing room across the US and Canada. All of the My Gym locations will now be equipped with a My Gym branded Ubbi diaper pail for parents and caretakers to test and use firsthand.  One of the many benefits for My Gym members in the US is that they will receive an exclusive promotional 20% discount on any Ubbi product.

    Ubbi could not be more pleased to be partnering with a company like My Gym who provides a safe and clean environment for the children,” says Nadine Girard, Marketing Director of Ubbi. “Ubbi prides itself on being innovative as well as functional and we couldn’t think of a better a partner who can relate to this concept like My Gym does.” “Our state-of-the-art facilities are dedicated to providing children with an excellent environment to grow,” says Matt Hendison, Chief Marketing Officer of My Gym Enterprises. “We feel that the Ubbi diaper pail makes a great addition to our facilities, providing an odor-free and sanitary space to help make parents and children’s lives easier.”

    The Ubbi diaper pail is available in white, light pink, light blue, hot pink, hot blue, purple, gray, ivory, orange, robin’s egg blue and pistachio and retails at $79.99. For more information on Ubbi and for a list of international distributors, please visit

    About Ubbi

    Welcome to the world of Ubbi, where innovative products are created with parents and children in mind. When using Ubbi, you will find that this product is designed to make parent’s lives easier while keeping children safe. From concept to final creation, the Ubbi team works together in an intimate fashion to bring you the best in design and value. The first of our products to launch, the Ubbi Diaper Pail symbolizes our customer -focused philosophy and symbolizes our innovative capabilities. The Ubbi Diaper Pail is simple and easy to operate, utilizing innovative materials and an intricate design to achieve maximum odor control. The Ubbi Diaper Pail has been machine-cycle tested and put under strict quality control requirements to prove its superior functionality and ultimate value. For more information on Ubbi, please visit

    About My Gym

    Established in 1983, My Gym is a leading fitness center destination for children with more than 260 locations worldwide. My Gym combines award winning innovative, early physical education/pre-gymnastics classes with state-of-the-art facilities to empower children - ages 6 weeks to 13 years - by helping them acquire the skills, confidence and positive self-image needed to become healthy young adults. My Gym’s noncompetitive, and age-appropriate classes and birthday parties enhance children’s overall development through games, music, exercise, sports, gymnastics, puppets, special rides, and fun. In 2012, My Gym launched their new interactive Building Blocks Program which helps children work toward specific milestones and then celebrate their achievements with stickers, progression ribbons, medals, trophies, graduation certificates, and more in Acknowledgment Ceremonies. For more information about My Gym and the location near you, please visit

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    The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman

    Thinner, bigger, faster, stronger... which 150 pages will you read?

    Is it possible to:
    Reach your genetic potential in 6 months?
    Sleep 2 hours per day and perform better than on 8 hours?
    Lose more fat than a marathoner by bingeing?

    Indeed, and much more. This is not just another diet and fitness book.

    The 4-Hour Body is the result of an obsessive quest, spanning more than a decade, to hack the human body. It contains the collective wisdom of hundreds of elite athletes, dozens of MDs, and thousands of hours of jaw-dropping personal experimentation. From Olympic training centers to black-market laboratories, from Silicon Valley to South Africa, Tim Ferriss, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek, fixated on one life-changing question:

    For all things physical, what are the tiniest changes that produce the biggest results?

    Thousands of tests later, this book contains the answers for both men and women. From the gym to the bedroom, it’s all here, and it all works.

    You Will Learn (in less than 30 minutes each):
    * How to lose those last 5-10 pounds (or 100+ pounds) with odd combinations of food and safe chemical cocktails.
    * How to prevent fat gain while bingeing (X-mas, holidays, weekends)
    * How to increase fat-loss 300% with a few bags of ice
    * How Tim gained 34 pounds of muscle in 28 days, without steroids, and in four hours of total gym time
    * How to sleep 2 hours per day and feel fully rested
    * How to produce 15-minute female orgasms
    * How to triple testosterone and double sperm count
    * How to go from running 5 kilometers to 50 kilometers in 12 weeks
    * How to reverse “permanent” injuries
    * How to add 150+ pounds to your lifts in 6 months
    * How to pay for a beach vacation with one hospital visit
    And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  There are more than 50 topics covered, all with real-world experiments, many including more than 200 test subjects.

    You don't need better genetics or more discipline. You need immediate results that compel you to continue.

    That’s exactly what The 4-Hour Body delivers.

    Price: $27.00

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    Super Foods for the Elderly That Can Reduce the Effects of Old Age

    When I was a boy growing up in the fifties and sixties there were two food groups, steak and Wheaties. We ate the steak because our parents told us to (my dad told me to eat steak and eggs before every basketball game – once I stopped doing that I jumped 12" higher) and I ate Wheaties because, well, we all wanted to be just like the cover focus, Bob Richards, and Olympian.

    Today, I'm not only wiser, I'm older (the two don't always go hand-in-hand). Both those points just seem to happen without even trying, yet along with age and wisdom comes a need to alter some important areas of our lives; such as what we eat. As we all know, aging changes our bodies and malnutrition is one of the negative affects of not paying close enough attention to the needs of our changing metabolism.

    Aging also affects our teeth, which in turn can affect what we choose to eat. Aging often impacts the number of medications we ingest, which can in turn affect how our bodies interact with certain food groups. As it turns out, there are many areas of the aging process that are directly affected by aging and most of those areas can be positively influenced if we just choose to eat better.

    So let's review some of the super foods that can stave off the effects of old age.

    Super foods:

    1. Salmon. Way at the top of everyone's list. These cold-water fish are high in Omega-3 essential fatty oils which can control the amount of triglycerides in your blood stream, reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) and improving HDL (good cholesterol). Other Omega-3 fish are tuna, sardines, and mackerel.

    2. Oranges. High in vitamin C, which is a useful antioxidant. Oranges can help ward off kidney stones as well as improves cellular health.

    3. Milkshakes (Yeah!!!). Really, if made with low-fat milk and low-fat ice cream, the vitamin D and calcium in this great drink can help to maintain bone strength; something all elders fear, especially as the risk of falling increases with age.

    4. Broccoli. For anyone who has either suffered from prostate issues or is concerned about that type of illness, broccoli, if used regularly, can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by as much as 30% (, Nov. 26, 2012).

    5. Dark leafy greens, such as spinach, arugula, kale, Swiss chard, etc. All help to reduce blood pressure by increasing potassium levels in the blood.

    There are many other foods, such as yogurt, carrots, almonds and walnuts, and even butter, that can improve the way your body processes food into nutrition. The point is, as you age, you change. As you change, so must your diet change. The old days of eating chips before a meal, having a big steak with mashed potatoes dripping with sour cream or a huge bowl of pasta a couple of nights a week are gone.

    Portions must be smaller, food groups must change, and our attitude about foods must become healthier. It can actually be fun to learn and try new foods . . . Give it a whirl! Ok, Life cereal doesn't have a picture of Bob Richards on the cover, but it truly does taste better.

    ... Jeffrey Johnson

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    Strength Training Anatomy-3rd Edition

    With new exercises, additional stretches, and more of Frédéric Delavier’s signature illustrations, you’ll gain a whole new understanding of how muscles perform during strength exercises. This one-of-a-kind best-seller combines the visual detail of top anatomy texts with the best of strength training advice.

    Many books explain what muscles are used during exercise, but no other resource brings the anatomy to life like Strength Training Anatomy. Over 600 full-color illustrations reveal the primary muscles worked along with all the relevant surrounding structures, including bones, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.

    Like having an X-ray for each exercise, the anatomical depictions show both superficial and deep layers and detail how various setup positions affect muscle recruitment and emphasize underlying structures. New pages show common strength training injuries in a fascinating light and offer precautions to help you exercise safely.

    Author and illustrator Frédéric Delavier is the former editor in chief of the French publication PowerMag. He is a journalist for Le Monde du Muscle and a contributor to Men’s Health Germany and several other strength training publications.

    Price: $19.95

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    TDF Partnership Program for Personal Trainers and Nutritioners

    What is Total Diet Food?

    TDF is a gourmet food plan delivery service that helps people reach their health goals by providing healthy home cooked food, delivered 7 days per week. It’s a highly personalised service, run by a husband and wife team in South West London. We can accommodate a wide variety of dietary requirements and we design a specific low calorie plan based on the client’s personal details, their exercise regime and their health goals.

    What is the Partnership?

    We are looking for professionals in the health and fitness industry to partner with us by offering referrals to TDF in exchange for 15% of the sale price. Many of our clients stay with us permanently and we pay your commission on every purchase made, for the lifetime of the relationship.

    What do we have to do?

    1. We deliver you a free trial of the food; you love it and tell your clients how nice it is!
    2. We offer each of your clients a free trial of the service.
    3. We pay you 15% of any sales that occur.
    4. You can assist in managing your client’s diet through us, ensuring they reach their health goals and love your service for the results you get.

    How does the commission system work?

    Again, this couldn't be easier. We tightly track the source of all inquiries and will pay you by bank transfer or cheque, 15% of the total sold for any clients that you have referred to us. This continues for as long as they are clients of ours. As most of our clients stay with us for the long term, this can be very lucrative.

    The average sales value is £620.

    Can we try the food?

    We will happily deliver a trial of the food so you know how our service works.

    How can we sign up?

    Please contact Ben Davidson on 020 86778265 or 07756899290 or via and we can arrange your trial immediately.

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    Sivan Health and Fitness 18QHTR Top Massage Large Professional Hot Stone 18 Quart Heater

    Enhance your massage sessions with this professional hot stone heater. Unlike a regular pot, this 18-quart heater will not crack down the middle if you accidentally drop a stone. The Teflon-coated water reservoir features an easy-to-clean finish. Suitable for manicures, pedicures, and facials, maintains a constant even temperature indicator light, temperature control features a 'pre-set' setting of 375 degrees.

    Price: $99.99

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    Salad Creations Launches New "Share Some Goodness '13" Campaign to Help Others Pay It Forward

    Salad Creations has launched a new campaign titled  "Share Some Goodness '13" this January. The campaign aims to help others pay it forward to a friend by giving them a free salad in order to help themselves feel good and make the people around them feel good as well.

    There are two ways that people can participate and share with others through this campaign. The first is to pay it forward to a friend by entering their email address and sending them a free salad through the "Share Some Goodness '13" website – no strings attached. The second part is to share a motivational story to be entered to win free salads for a year, plus a new Trek Bike or gym membership. Motivational stories can be how someone beat an illness, reached their goals, found happiness, lost weight, helped better someone’s life, etc.

    Submitted stories will be featured on the website for visitors to view and gain inspiration from in order to help better themselves by reading about other people’s motivational experiences. Salad Creations will send up to 1,000 free salads during the entry period, and one overall winner for the motivational story submission will be chosen on June 1, 2013.

    "We are very excited to launch this new campaign at the start of a new year," says Jeff Levine, CEO and "Chief Goodness Officer" of Salad Creations, LLC. "This campaign has been in the works for a long time and we feel that now is the perfect time to start ‘sharing some goodness’ within our community."

    To learn more about the "Share Some Goodness '13" campaign, visit or "Like" Salad Creations on Facebook at

    About Salad Creations:

    Salad Creations is an international restaurant chain operating since 2003, currently with 53 locations worldwide. Salad Creations is recognized for their offering of made-to-order, great-tasting, fresh-chopped salads that are made in front of guests by a trained salad chef.

    Committed to supporting a better lifestyle, Salad Creations is dedicated to bettering the environment by offering sustainable, all-natural products and compostable products when possible. The company's community efforts, as well as their pursuit for a sustainable future, are embodied in their mantra "Share Some Goodness."

    To find out more about the company visit, or find them on Facebook at

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    Zumba Fitness Greatest Hits

    Party Nation - From hip-hop and African beats to tango and samba, this 10-song cd with unique and exotic music from all over the world will keep the party in high gear! Cardio Party Soundtrack - Jam to this pulse-pounding soundtrack straight from the new Zumba Fitness Dvd series! Sample a taste of everything hot - salsa, cumbia, quebradita and more. Vibe Tribe - Get your vibe on to 10 hot new songs from Zumba Fitness, including lots of body-rockin' reggaeton favorites like "Zumba Mami" and "Hala". Copyright 2010 Zumba Fitness, LLC


    Click here to buy from Amazon

    Austin Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo Sets Speakers Schedule and Adds Sponsors and Vendors

    The Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo ( ) announced today a full day of credentialed speakers, seven sponsors and more than 60 vendors for their Saturday May 4, 2013 event which will be held at 7601 Burnet Rd. from 10am – 8pm.

    The Austin Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo will feature Healthy and Natural Products, Services, Food, Snacks, and Activities. The Expo offer an educational and speaker series on numerous topics including; Diabetes, Healthy Living, exercise, the effect of sleep on health and other sessions from accredited speakers (see the seminar list here: ). The event is sponsored by Austin’s’ Incubation Station which will be bringing its top portfolio companies, and other Austin area organizations and companies including; the Round Rock Express, Natural Grocers, The Living Clay Company, Capital Kitchens, Happy Hemp ( ) and Food Matters.

    The Speakers and Session Topics will include:
    Kim Wandle, Investor Education Coordinator, Texas State Securities Board. Kim has been employed at the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) for over 28 years. “Avoiding Investment Fraud”

    Beth Boebel, faculty member at the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts "Cooking, Spices and Disease Prevention"

    Jennifer Mejias, B.S. Nutritional Science and Dietetics, American Diabetes Association Speakers Bureau of Central Texas  “Food Is Not the Enemy: Foods to Keep You on Track with Diabetes without restricting your diet.”

    “Dr. Mara Karpel, Licensed clinical psychologist and radio show host (Sunday at 7pm CT in Austin on 96.3FM & 1370AM and on the web - on live-stream & podcast: ” Dr. Mara Karpel, will discuss her mind-body approach to avoiding burnout and improving caregiver wellness.”

    Pam Grove, MS, RD, LD, Natural Grocers “Natural Foods for Optimal Health”

    Bruce Wayne Meleski, Ph.D., published educator and owner of Intellibed Austin
    ”Sleep: The Third Leg of Wellness” and” Vibration Rhythms for Life”

    Maryum Mitchell, M.Ed. and BS, Associate Manager, Administration, American Diabetes Association “Resources Available from the American Diabetes Association for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics”  

    Julie Hutchison, Owner & Creator of Chocolate Shaman “Could Chocolate Actually be good for me?”        

    Janet Freedman, RN, Diabetes Education Program ”Intro to Diabetes”

    Dr. Marlene Merritt, LAc, DOM (NM), CAN “Avocado And Avocadon't: Clearing Up What's Wrong With Current Food Recommendations”

    Austin Atkins, RRT, CRT, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. B.S. in Respiratory Care “How to motivate oneself in order to achieve a better, healthier life via fitness and health”

    Sonja Das, The Bra Lady “Bad bra's can be more than a pain in the neck.”

    Vendors for the May 4 event include: The American Diabetes Association, AOMA /graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Arbonne International Representatives, Atlas Holistic Wellness Center, Austin Gourmet Imports, Avery Ranch Chiropractic, Bath Planet by Paradise, Bolo Patisserie, Bunkerskin Medical Aesthetics, CapTel Captioned Telephones Representatives, Chick - Fil – A Austin, doTERRA Representatives, Dr. Mara Karpel, Drink Daily Greens Representatives, Essential Bodywear, LLC, The Georgetown Pecan Company, GoDance, Golden Waters of Tea, Good Pop, Greenling, Happy Hemp, Intellibed Austin, It Works! Global Representatives, Juice Plus Representatives, Laurence Egle CFP, Life Span Global Representatives, Lifestyle Transformation Fitness, The Living Clay Company,, Merritt Wellness Center, Nana Moo, Natural Grocers &Vitamin Cottage Austin Representatives, Novo Corp.  Representatives, NYR Organics Representatives, o Baby! Originals, O3 Skincare Representatives, OLD FACTORY SOAP COMPANY, Powers Family Wellness, Rita's Water Ice Representatives, The Round Rock Express, Sue Castle Bio-Mat representative, The Chocolate Shaman, The Hearty Vegan, The Jelly Queens, Thrive Life Representatives, Treasured Earth Foods, United Healthcare Community Plan of Texas Representatives, Wondercide/Holmes Integrated Pest Management  and Yoga Yoga & Natural Epicurean. Incubation Station Portfolio Companies represented will include: Austin EastCiders , World Peas, GoodSeed Burgers, Primizie Snacks, Thunderbird Energetica, Sanderson Foods, Dude Products, Raven + Lilly, Criquet  and Verb.      

    Portions of the gate receipts, and food and monetary donations will be accepted benefiting Mobile Loaves and Fishes and the Food Pantry which provides meals to home-bound and underprivileged families and individuals throughout the Austin. For a limited time, discount admission vouchers will be available on the web site. Senior citizens, above the age of 65, will be admitted free. Admission is $3 per person and $5 per family. Discounted admission is available with Food Donation.

    The Expo will be hosted off of Burnet Road, at the Wozniak Community Center, the Gymnasium and on the grounds of the campus of the St. Louis School (Across from the Northcross Mall at 7601 Burnett Road, Austin, TX 78757) on May 4, 2013 from 10:00AM to 8:00PM.

    Health information and educational sessions will be offered from 10am – 5pm with speakers including educators from the American Diabetes Associations, Registered Nurse Educators, and a biometrics expert.

    Senior citizens, above the age of 65, will be admitted free. Admission is $3 per person and $5 per family or appropriate food donation to the Food Pantry and Mobile Loaves and Fishes.

    About My City Shows:
    My City Shows is an Austin, TX based Event Management Company focused on bringing unique personal contact events to communities which benefit local vendors and charitable causes.

    Through our community friendly events, local vendors of products and services can have the opportunity to meet with new prospective customers and consumer have access to local suppliers of goods and services in a convenient venue from which they can sample and buy from local vendors while also assisting local non-profits.

    About Incubation Station:
    Incubation Station is an accelerator for market-validated CPG (consumer product goods) companies. We give entrepreneurs access to vital resources needed to succeed, including dedicated mentorship from industry experts and entrepreneurs, as well as the education, connections and growth funding required for companies to achieve optimal success through rapid and sustainable growth.

    Incubation Station Portfolio companies participate in an intensive, 12-14 week mentoring program designed to maximize commercialization and success.

    Press & Media Contact:
    Michael Romanies
    FUEL Marketing and Sales
    P.O. Box 201269
    Austin, TX 78720 - USA
    (512) 832-9995

    View the original article here

    Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD (Multi, Small)

    Shed the Pounds. Feel the Thrill. Are you ready to party yourself into shape. Move it, shake it and rock it out with red hot dance steps and pulsating Latin and world rhythms. With the four disc Exhilarate Body Shaping System, you won’t want to stop. Crank up the music, torch the calories and turn your at home workout into a rockin’ dance fitness party Now you can own the Exhilarate Body Shaping System as a 4 DVD set You’ll get five exhilarating workouts with varying levels of intensity: “Step by Step,” a basic guide to break down the steps; “Activate,” a 45 minute, easy to follow class to get you started; “Ripped: Zumba Toning,” the body sculpting workout using our exclusive maraca like Zumba Toning Sticks; “Mix,” a rhythmic journey around the world; and “Exhilarate ,” the original full length fitness party experience. Plus, you’ll get a bonus 5th DVD: “Rush,” a 20 minute workout to amp you up The set also includes one pair of 1lb. Zumba Toning Sticks to help you shake, rattle and rock your way to sexy, leaner muscles, as well as the Exhilarate Program Guide featuring a 10 day weight loss plan and more.the 4th DVD has two (2) workouts "Mix" and "Ripped-Toning". "Ripped-Toning" only consists of a workout with Toning Sticks. 

    Contents of the DVD Set

    Total DVD Run Time 2:06:42

    Exhilarate 5 (4+1) DVD Run Times Step-By-Step (Total Run Time 60:21)
    Step By Step 59:45
    How to use this DVD 0:36

    Activate (Total Run Time 47:33)
    Activate – 41:00 How to Use this video – 0:26
    Tips and Techniques – 2:56
    Get to know your instructors – 3:11

    Exhilarate (Total Run Time 1:03:49)
    Exhilarate – 59:30
    How to use this video – 0:26
    How to find a Zumba Class – 2:16
    Get to know your instructors – 1:37

    Ripped/Mixed (Total Run Time 2:06:42)
    Ripped-Toning – 31:28
    Get To know your instructors – 1:34
    Zumba Mix – 54:27
    Zumba Mix (w/ breakdowns) – 1:31:51
    Breaking down the moves – 37:33
    Meet Beto Perez – 1:49

    Rush (Total Run Time 36:33)
    Rush – 23:09
    How to use this video 0:26
    Zumba Wear Ripping and Cutting – 9:56
    Get to know your instructors – 1:49
    Outtakes – 1:18

    Price: $59.95

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    Spa Week Launches Mother’s Day Gift Card Sale: $100 Gift Card for $79.99

    May flowers are starting to bloom and that can only mean one thing: every husband, brother, sister, child and grandchild is on the hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Spa Week is encouraging gift givers to be the caretakers for a change by affordably sending their moms for a spa experience geared towards optimal health and wellness. From May 1st through May 13th, purchase a $100 Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week® for just $79.99, or receive 20% off all other denominations on (

    It’s now easier and more affordable than ever to make that fantasy spa day a reality for that special lady in your life called Mom. Spa & Wellness Gift Cards are redeemable year-round at over 7,500 spas and wellness locations across North America and best of all, they never expire. What kind of mom is your mom? With so many treatment options for recipients to choose from, we’ve hand-picked some of the best stress-busting and soothing services to help satisfy just about any kind of mom’s pampering needs.

    The High-Powered Career Mom

    She does it all. After being the office boss and ruling boardroom meetings all day to playing soccer carpool captain and then still managing to have a nutritious dinner on the table by 6 o’clock, Supermom rarely has a second to herself. What she needs is an Aromatherapy Massage that will soothe her mind and body with divine scents to completely take her out of her element and into a state of total relaxation.

    The Stay-at-Home Mom

    Unfortunately for this mom, many have mistaken her full-time job as being “easy.” Just talk to any mom out there and we can guarantee they will emphatically tell you that this is not the case. From having to be a nanny, cook, maid, tutor, nurse, handyman, chauffeur and ATM machine all in one day, every day, this mom barely has time to breathe let alone get her roots touched up. With a fresh Cut, Color and decadent Scalp Massage, she’ll feel rejuvenated and beautiful on the inside and out!

    The New Mom

    It goes without saying that new moms everywhere are TIRED! After the physical strain of giving birth, countless hours spent awake with a crying infant and all of the stress that comes with caring for a newborn altogether, the new mom needs some serious reinforcement in the R&R department. Of course she could use a massage, but alternative Chinese therapies like Acupuncture, Ayurveda and even Cupping are the perfect add-ons that will provide instant and long-lasting benefits. She’ll feel like a new woman and more ready than ever to take motherhood by the horns.

    The “Forever Young” Mom

    Sure she wears your jeans, is up to date on the latest Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez gossip and knows your best friends better than you do. But you love her all the same, and in fact, you’re quite proud to have such a hip and attractive mother. While she can’t exactly drink from the Fountain of Youth, this mom is an anti-aging maven and will try anything when it comes to staying fresh-faced and glowing. A Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial will go a long way to keep her skin smooth, taut and young, all while helping her relax and stay wrinkle-free.

    No matter what kind of mom you have, the gift of wellness is truly one that keeps on giving and shows her how much you really care. Whether she’s a spa newbie or self-proclaimed spa addict, gifting a Spa & Wellness Gift Card illustrates your vested interest in her long-term health, balance and happiness.

    About Spa Week Media Group, Ltd.

    Spa Week Media Group, Ltd. is North America's fastest-growing, most respected spa and wellness marketing company. Through its web presence on, millions of consumers from coast to coast benefit from an abundance of resources necessary to experience a healthier, well-rounded lifestyle, 365 days a year. Since its inception in 2004, Spa Week has continued to revolutionize the industry with the success of its bi-annual Spring and Fall Events' signature $50 spa services, life-changing promotions and robust gift card program. A true health and wellness finder, Spa Week continues its dedication of delivering the best in health and wellness year round with its Spa & Wellness Gift Card, the premier spa gift card of choice by consumers. Accepted at over 7,500 spas and wellness locations across North America and sold in over 22,000 retail stores nationwide including Target, CVS, Rite Aid, and Sam's Club and on, it’s never been more convenient to give and enjoy the gift of wellness.

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    Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD Set

    Bigger, bolder, and edgier, the Zumba® Fitness Exhilarate DVD collection is revolutionizing the at-home fitness experience by combining raw energy with cutting-edge design, lights, and sounds to take you on an unforgettable, exhilarating journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle. As Jam-packed with red-hot dance steps, pulsating Latin and international rhythms, and feel-it-to-the-core routines, this invigorating dance-fitness party will have you movin', rockin', and shakin' the weight off to the exotic rhythms of salsa, cumbia, samba, reggaeton, merengue, and more. With music-video style visuals and live musical accompaniment, these multisensory fitness DVDs put you right in the middle of a Zumba® Fitness-Party. And thanks to its nonstop, easy-to-follow choreography and muscle-engaging routines, you'll torch hundreds of calories per hour and sculpt your body from head to toe--without feeling like you’re working out.

    The seven-disc DVD collection features seven total-body workouts and each routine utilizes varying levels of intensity to deliver a body-energizing workout that you'll want to move to again and again. The set includes breakdowns of basic steps, a 20-minute "Rush" workout, a 45-minute "Activate" workout, the "Ripped" workout featuring the Zumba® Toning program and breakthrough Zumba Sentao program, a 60-minute "Exhilarate" dance-fitness party, the "Mix" workout featuring rhythms from all over the world, and a massive Zumbathon® Fitness-Concert live class.

    About Zumba Fitness
    Zumba Fitness is a global lifestyle brand that fuses fitness, entertainment, and culture into an exhilarating dance-party workout. Coined "fitness-parties," Zumba classes blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, which provide effective, total-body workouts. Founded in 2001, the company is now the largest branded fitness program in the world -- reporting more than 12 million weekly class participants, in over 110,000 locations, across more than 125 countries. In addition to its original Zumba® program, the company also offers a range of specialty classes, including Zumba Gold® (for active older adults), Zumba® Toning (body-sculpting class that uses maraca-like Toning Sticks), Aqua Zumba® (the ultimate “pool party” workout), Zumbatomic® (Zumba routines for kids), Zumba Sentao™ (chair-based Zumba class that strengthens, balances and stabilizes the core) and Zumba® in the Circuit (a 30-minute workout that combines signature Zumba® moves with circuit training at timed intervals). The Zumba® fitness lifestyle is rounded out by the company’s many consumer product offerings, including DVD sets, music collections, multi-seasonal apparel and footwear, video games, Fitness-Concert™ events and a lifestyle magazine. For more information about Zumba Fitness programs and products, or to find a live class, visit and find us on Facebook and Twitter.

    Price: $129.99

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