Health and Fitness Personal Trainer

Engage your students with Health TV Game Shows. This will make review time fun! CD includes: 4 separate games: What Is, Who Wants to Get Rich, Wheel of Fame and Are You Smarter Than. Questions already pre-populated and are ready to play - includes these categories: Body Systems, Food Nutrition, Life Situations, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Drugs, Families and Relationships, Physical Activity and more! Works on PC and Mac. Game can NOT be edited! *Will not work with Mac 10.6 or higher.*

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Transforming Health and Care Cultures

Culture featured very heavily in Robert Francis QC’s report earlier this year into the failures at Mid Staffordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It was identified by him that the NHS needs to develop a common culture of caring that was made real throughout the system. It is clear that NHS organisations need to be striving to better understand their cultures of care and learning how to change them. This important conference has been created to help the NHS learn the skills and understand the mechanisms required to deliver cultural transformation.

One of the key challenges in implementing both the Francis Review and in delivering the ambitions laid out recently in the subsequent Keogh Review is around how to deliver changes on the scale required, particularly in relation to changing the culture of health. Culture is notoriously difficult, but not impossible to change.

This conference has been designed to support health and care organisations in delivery of transformation. It does this by providing an introduction to how culture operates in healthcare, an analysis of safer healthcare systems and cultures and in-depth practical exploration of what actually works when delivering transformation. This will be evidenced by the experience of Trusts that are delivering culture change on the ground.

More information:

Contact: Stephanie Hartley - | 0207 2020 562 

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Health King Massage Accupressure Foot Slipper Large Size fits Men

Foot massage is one of the most unbelievably relaxing treats you can give yourself. Foot massage is based on reflexology. It involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located in the foot to cure or prevent disease. It is believed that our nerve zones or reflex points go from the bottom of our feet to the top of our head, encompassing all vital organs on the way.

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Child Obesity Interventions

Body mass index (BMI) or a change in BMI is often the sole measure used to evaluate whether an intervention intended to combat childhood obesity is effective. But a new study clearly shows that an intervention can have beneficial effects on other health outcomes, such as cardiovascular fitness, regardless of its effect on BMI. Focusing on a single factor like the degree of BMI change is restrictive and can overlook other important outcomes, according to an article published in Childhood Obesity, a peer-reviewed journal from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. The article is available free on the Childhood Obesity website at

Maria Kolotourou and a team of authors involved in the Mind, Exercise, Nutrition...Do It! (MEND) trial from University of London, University College London, and Mytime MEND gathered data from a group of obese children before they participated in the MEND childhood obesity intervention and again at 6- and 12-month follow-up intervals. The researchers measured BMI, degree of change in BMI, waist circumference, cardiovascular fitness, physical activity, sedentary behaviors, and self-esteem.

In the article “Is BMI Alone a Sufficient Outcome to Evaluate Interventions for Child Obesity?” the authors report improvements, in several of the parameters measured, independent of whether a child’s BMI decreased, increased, or remained the same.

“Good interventions aimed at helping overweight children lose weight should be equally directed at helping them to find health. This article suggests that health benefits may be seen independent of weight change, per se, and we are thus better served by evaluation strategies that encompass an array of relevant and important measures,” says David L. Katz, MD, MPH, Editor-in-Chief of Childhood Obesity and Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center.

About the Journal
Childhood Obesity is a bimonthly journal, published in print and online, and the journal of record for all aspects of communication on the broad spectrum of issues and strategies related to weight management and obesity prevention in children and adolescents. The Journal includes peer-reviewed articles documenting cutting-edge research and clinical studies, opinion pieces and roundtable discussions, profiles of successful programs and interventions, and updates on task force recommendations, global initiatives, and policy platforms. It reports on news and developments in science and medicine, features programs and initiatives developed in the public and private sector, and includes a Literature Watch. Tables of content and a sample issue may be viewed on the Childhood Obesity website at

About the Publisher
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers
is a privately held, fully integrated media company known for establishing authoritative medical and biomedical peer-reviewed journals, including Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders, Population Health Management, Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics (DTT), and Journal of Women’s Health. Its biotechnology trade magazine, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), was the first in its field and is today the industry’s most widely read publication worldwide. A complete list of the firm’s 80 journals, newsmagazines, and books is available on the Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers website at

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.      140 Huguenot Street, New Rochelle, NY 10801-5215
Phone (914) 740-2100      (800) M-LIEBERT      Fax (914) 740-2101

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Health TV Gameshows

Engage your students with Health TV Game Shows. This will make review time fun! CD includes: 4 separate games: What Is, Who Wants to Get Rich, Wheel of Fame and Are You Smarter Than. Questions already pre-populated and are ready to play - includes these categories: Body Systems, Food Nutrition, Life Situations, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Drugs, Families and Relationships, Physical Activity and more! Works on PC and Mac. Game can NOT be edited! *Will not work with Mac 10.6 or higher.*

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Non Board Certified Cosmetic Dentist Nyc

For years, it was common practice for dentists to perform repeat root canals and other procedures to save teeth compromised by extensive decay, gum disease ( and bone loss. Today, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) said times have changed and patients should forego prolonged dental heroics to save failing teeth and replace them with long-lasting dental implants.

"There really is no justification for undergoing multiple endodontic or periodontic procedures, and enduring the pain and financial burden, to save a diseased tooth," said John Minichetti, DDS, speaking for the AAID. "The days are over for saving teeth till they fall out. Preserving questionable teeth is not the best option from both oral health and cosmetic perspectives."

Losing a tooth is an emotional decision and patients must clearly understand the oral health and cosmetic implications of preserving questionable teeth. Even though patients often resist losing natural teeth, in many cases the best outcomes occur from extracting them and inserting implants, which look and function like natural teeth.

"Our patients expect restorative dental procedures to make their smiles more attractive and long- lasting. In most cases, implants deliver the best results, as the ultimate goal is to achieve an esthetic and functional restoration for years to come," said Minichetti.

Published studies have shown there is a higher failure rate of root canal procedures vs. dental implants. In some cases, root canals fail because abscesses occur, and oral surgery is required to clean out the infected area.

Minichetti noted that a recent study published in the Journal of Oral Implantology showed that single-tooth dental implants are 98.5 percent successful after seven years and there was no discernable bone loss in almost all the implant sites. First-time root canals fail 5 percent of the time, according to the American Academy of General Dentistry, and at much higher rates in repeat procedures. Further, endodontic surgical re-treatments, according to published studies, have success rates ranging from 37 to 87 percent.

Saving compromised teeth in the esthetic zone with periodontal treatments also can have unfavorable cosmetic results, according to Minichetti. "Periodontal procedures to save decaying natural teeth can require raising the gum line and exposing teeth roots to anchor a new crown," he said. "The crown needs something to hold onto, so you have to push the gum tissue up with unfavorable cosmetic impact." He noted that patients should always ask the dentists how their smiles will look if they chose to save a questionable tooth in the esthetic zone with a periodontal procedure.

Source: American Academy of Implant Dentistry

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Health: The Basics, Green Edition (9th Edition)

It’s current, it’s accurate, it’s user-friendly, and it’s FUN! With an emphasis on environmental responsibility, the new Health: The Basics, Green Edition features compelling graphics and relatable content that bring health topics to life, keeping you hooked on learning and living well.


Now enhanced with an even more comprehensive package of student support materials, this edition makes learning personal health easier than ever. The Green Edition includes an environmental feature; new mini-chapters; a brand new art program with a new, lively design; and additional content on behavior change; in addition to a robust and expanded supplements package.

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Dr. Todd Pizzi Explains the Role of a Dental Hygienist

As a dentist with a busy practice, I work closely with my staff to ensure the very best in patient care. At a visit to my office, you are sure to see one or more members of my team during the course of your examination or treatment, and one of these individuals is likely to be a dental hygienist.

What, exactly, is the role of a dental hygienist?

Dental hygienists are healthcare professionals in the dental field. They are an integral part of any dental practice and work alongside a dentist and other staff members to provide patient care. In order to practice in their field, they must undergo training that includes classroom instruction, testing, and hands-on, supervised clinical experience. After successfully completing the training at an accredited institution, hygienists receive their licenses to practice dental hygiene and are qualified to join the staff at a dental office. Hygienists must be licensed by the state in which they wish to practice. 

Typically, hygienists are responsible for a range of clinical and administrative duties. Here are just a few:

Patient Education

Hygienists work closely with patients to promote good dental health with a focus on preventive care. Their knowledge base enables them to identify areas of concern and provide instruction about good dental hygiene and overall oral health. Hygienists may counsel patients in brushing, flossing, and oral care, as well as disease prevention and proper nutrition.


Making a preliminary assessment of a patient’s dental health is part of a dental hygienist’s job. They are trained to look for signs of disease or other abnormalities for which a patient might need treatment. The hygienists share any areas of concern with the dentist so that further assessments can be performed and a treatment plan can be developed.


Hygienists are also qualified to clean teeth, including the removal of stains, plaque, and other deposits from tooth surfaces. They may take X-rays and apply preventive treatments such as fluorides or sealants. In some states, hygienists are also licensed to administer local anesthetics and apply fillings. It is not uncommon for a hygienist to assist a dentist during procedures and to help prepare necessary tools and equipment.

When visiting my office, you will often meet with a hygienist before I see you for my assessment. Communication within our team is key, and I work with the hygienists at my office to provide the care that you receive during each office visit. Through collaborative efforts, our team is able to address all of your oral care needs.

Contact: Jillian Gregoriou


Tel: 617-797-9869

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Health-o-meter HDC100KD-01 Grow with Me Baby and Toddler Scale

The Health-o-meter Grow With Me Baby and Toddler Scale converts from infant tray style to traditional foot platform to adjust to your child’s growth. Includes The Healthy Growth Baby Book and Growth Chart to help you monitor and track your child’s weight and height compared to national averages.

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EEG Neurofeedback and Treating Mental Health Disorders

The speakers will present theoretical and practical information on the uses of Neurofeedback in the treatment of mental health disorders. They will explain how this non-pharmacological and non-invasive technique of training of the brain fits into the Integrative Medicine model. The presentation will cover how biomedical conditions, which can produce instabilities, and over or under arousal in the brain, need to be identified and treated before EEG Neurofeedback can be successful. Case studies and SPECT image slides will illustrate how NF can produce surprisingly fast results in conditions as varied as autism spectrum disorders, mood disorders, ADHD, and PTSD. Information will also be provided on the requirements for becoming a Neurofeedback provider.

Hanno W. Kirk, PhD, LICSW, has been a teacher/trainer for the past 35 years and a wide variety of subjects including psychology, sociology, and psychosocial and behavioral issues. He has presented numerous seminars on a variety of topics including AD(H)D, Pediatric Bipolar and end of life care. He is currently in private practice in Lewisburg, WV specializing in children and adolescents with behavioral and autistic spectrum disorders, as well as persons with trauma issues. He utilizes neurofeedback therapy extensively and is also a believer in the benefit of biomedical treatments. He is a principal author of Psychosocial and Behavioral Aspects of Medicine (LWW 2002).

Kelley graduated from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center with a B.S. degree in Occupational Therapy. She has been practicing occupational therapy for over 20 years. She became interested in neurofeedback therapy when one of her children was diagnosed with ADHD. After unsuccessfully trying several medications, neurofeedback therapy helped him to excel both in school and socially. Kelley started Focus NeuroRehab in El Paso, TX in 2009 and since then has successfully treated over 800 patients. Her main treatment modality is neurofeedback therapy along with instructing clients about behavior, discipline, sensory integration, nutrition, Irlen Screening, and the use of essential oils.

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health supports a whole body approach, utilizing multiple fields of medicine and nutritional sciences to help patients obtain mental wellness. The integrative approach includes metabolic testing, nutritional therapies, dietary interventions, and traditional medical treatments. Practical applications and effective protocols will be presented and can be easily applied in a clinical setting. The concepts and practical guidelines presented at this conference can dramatically improve the quality of life of practitioners and patients.

Date: September 20-22, 2013
Location: Chicago, IL
Cost: Early Bird Registration $100 off ends August 12

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Health and Nutrition Secrets

Learn how the chemicals and compounds you encounter every day can lead to unexpected health complications and life-threatening disorders. Health and Nutrition Secrets presents the latest information about strokes and heart attacks, diabetes, protecting the digestive system, and the best ways to keep the immune system young and powerful. New revised edition has chapter on The Role of Fats in Health.

Price: $22.95

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Eyeworks of Atlanta has been awarded Best Optician

Eyeworks has been named "Best Optician" of 2013 winner by Fenuxe Magazine.   FENUXE [pronounced like "phoenix"] is the voice of Atlanta’s Gay Community and the one stop resource for gays and lesbians looking for news, travel, events, style, entertainment, the arts, and gay-friendly businesses.

Eyeworks offers its clients personal service, top notch eye care experiences, a cutting-edge optical shop along with friendly surroundings, expertise and fine distinctive eyewear.   “We are extremely honored and excited to be awarded as "Best Optician”.  There were many other top contenders for this title and we thank all the voters and people that supported Eyeworks in this decision.  We are so proud of all our achievements and will continue to prove worthy of all our titles earned such as  "Best Optical" and "Best Optician",  said Senior Optician Philip Roman. 

Eyeworks has taken the boutique optical arena  by storm with its unique service style and quality of products and have transformed eye exams and buying eye glasses a fun experience. " We feel glasses are an accessory, not just a necessity", said Mr. Roman

Eyeworks specializes in Progressive Lenses and unique funky glaases and offers a wide variety of custom lenses, perfectly fit to a patient's prescription's most exacting standards with an on-site lab on our premises. Its optical store provides a fashion conscious team of professionals possessing more than 50 years experience in lens technology and education. Its professionals have been trained with the top lens companies and keep themselves current on the newest lens enhancements and treatments. Eyeworks of Atlanta (  is located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta and has an affiliate location in Downtown Decatur.

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HART Health Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 0.5 gm Packet

HART Health ointments offer the convenience and purity of single use packaging and reduce the potential for cross-contamination that may occur when using tubes. Enjoy the convenience of single use packets that can be easily kept on hand for the right situation. Use triple antibiotic ointment to treat all kinds of minor cuts, burns and abrasions. Helps prevent infection and aids in healing.

Price: $23.87

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Grey Romanticizes Sexual Violence and Emotional Abuse of Women

Violent and abusive behavior against women, which can be both physically and emotionally harmful, gain societal acceptance when they are glamorized and normalized in popular culture such as books and movies. The main characters' relationship in the best-selling novel Fifty Shades of Grey, for example, helps perpetuate the problem of intimate partner violence against women, according to an article in Journal of Women’s Health, a peer-reviewed publication from Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. The article is available free on the Journal of Women’s Health website at

In “‘Double Crap!’ Abuse and Harmed Identity in Fifty Shades of Grey” (, Amy Bonomi, PhD, MPH, Lauren Altenburger, BS, and Nicole Walton, MSW from The Ohio State University, Columbus, conducted a systematic analysis of the novel to elucidate patterns consistent with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) definitions of interpersonal violence and associated reactions known to occur in abused women. They conclude that the female partner, Anastasia, suffers harm as a result of her relationship with Christian. Specifically, the couple’s interactions are emotionally abusive, characterized by stalking, intimidation, and isolation. Sexual violence is pervasive in the novel, including the use of alcohol to impair Anastasia’s consent and the use of intimidation. Anastasia suffers stress, altered identity, and disempowerment/entrapment.

At least 25% of women are victims of violence by intimate partners.

“We must be attuned to the way women are treated in books and movies, as such popular culture can perpetuate dangerous violence standards toward women,” says Susan G. Kornstein, MD, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Women’s Health, Executive Director of the Virginia Commonwealth University Institute for Women’s Health, Richmond, VA, and President of the Academy of Women’s Health.
About the Journal
Journal of Women’s Health, published monthly, is a core multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the diseases and conditions that hold greater risk for or are more prevalent among women, as well as diseases that present differently in women. The Journal covers the latest advances and clinical applications of new diagnostic procedures and therapeutic protocols for the prevention and management of women’s healthcare issues. Complete tables of content and a sample issue may be viewed on the Journal of Women’s Health website at Journal of Women’s Health is the Official Journal of the Academy of Women’s Health and the Society for Women’s Health Research.

About the Academy
Academy of Women’s Health
is an interdisciplinary, international association of physicians, nurses, and other health professionals who work across the broad field of women’s health, providing its members with up-to-date advances and options in clinical care that will enable the best outcomes for their women patients. The Academy’s focus includes the dissemination of translational research and evidence-based practices for disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of women across the lifespan.

About the Publisher
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers
is a privately held, fully integrated media company known for establishing authoritative peer-reviewed journals in many promising areas of science and biomedical research, including Population Health Management, Thyroid, Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders, and Breastfeeding Medicine. Its biotechnology trade magazine, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), was the first in its field and is today the industry’s most widely read publication worldwide. A complete list of the firm’s 70 journals, books, and newsmagazines is available on the Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers website at

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Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child

Health, Safety and Nutrition for the Young Child, 7th edition addresses the contemporary health, safety and nutrition needs of infant through school-age children in one comprehensive volume. Extensive coverage of topics critical to the early identification of children's health conditions and the promotion of children's well-being reflects the latest research findings. Collaboration with families, sensitivity to individual differences and the critical importance of health, safety and nutrition education continue to be stressed. This time-proven book is written in a clear, concise and thought-provoking manner and is loaded with easy-to-access checklists, guidelines and lesson plans that no early childhood student or professional should be without!

Price: $173.95

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Fort Myers Orthopedic Surgeon

Fort Myers orthopedic surgeon, Dennis Sagini, MD, announces the launch of a new website, located at (  Dr. Sagini specializes in treatment of the hand and upper extremity, and is part of the Joint Implant Surgeons of FL group. His innovative new site features easy navigation, an updated look, an event calendar, patient reviews, videos, and a variety of educational resources for visitors.  

“Our team is very excited about the launch of this new web site,” said Dr. Dennis Sagini.  “It will provide a wonderful resource for people seeking information about common conditions of the hands or upper extremities, and educating them about treatment options.  It provides detailed information that is easy to navigate, and can be utilized as a valuable educational tool.” 

The web site, features pages with detailed information about Dr. Sagini and his team, as well as a “Patient Reviews” page with videos and testimonials from patients who have undergone treatment by Dr. Sagini.  In addition, the site provides a “Specialties” page that includes a list of common conditions treated by Dr. Sagini, procedures performed, and information about non-surgical alternatives, such as steroid injections and physical therapy. 

The website will also provide an updated events calendar with information about upcoming workshops, free seminars, and other patient education events presented by Dr. Sagini on a monthly basis.  

In addition, Dr. Sagini’s new website features social media links and links to news stories. It also provides a Blog page with regular posts including recent news, industry relevant articles, along with tips and education relating to conditions of the hands and upper extremities.  

To view Dr. Dennis Sagini’s new web site, visit  Or, for more information call Dr. Sagini’s office, located at Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida, at (239) 337-2003. 

About Dennis Sagini, MD:          

Dr. Dennis Sagini, MD is a Board-Certified, Fellowship-Trained Orthopedic surgeon, specializing in care of the hand and upper extremity. He is part of the Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida team, located at 7331 College Parkway in Fort Myers, FL.   

Dr. Sagini has a passion for helping his patients get back to enjoying the lifestyle they love without pain.  He does this using the most minimally invasive procedures, or non-surgically through means such as steroid injections, occupational and physical therapy, and splinting. Dr. Sagini provides a relaxed atmosphere that is both professional and personal, making his patients feel at ease.

Specializing in treatment of many common conditions such as carpal tunnel, hand numbness or tingling, stiffness of upper extremities, arthritis, hand or shoulder pain, upper extremity injuries, golfers and tennis elbow, and all other conditions of the upper extremities.  Dr. Dennis Sagini and his team are constantly searching for the latest technology and most efficient methods of care.  Their goal is to increase comfort, decrease recovery time, and bring each individual back to the quality of life that they desire. 

For more information about Dr. Dennis Sagini,visit or call (239) 337-2003 (tel:%28239%29%20337-2003).  Serving all of Southwest Florida, including Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral.

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Health and Fitness Club Tycoon

Health And Fitness Center Tycoon gives you a chance to make a fortune by helping others get in shape! Take control of a small gym and build it up, until it becomes a household name in personal health.

Price: $19.99

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Garcinia Ultra Review – Best Formula to Reduce Inches

Are you not able to get fit into your favorite jeans? Do you think you have gained lots of weight and you need to lose it as soon as possible? Well, to accelerate your weight loss efforts, make use of Garcinia Ultra (an advanced weight loss formula). This amazing formula will undoubtedly help you shape up efficiently and quickly. Make the task of losing weight easier and flaunt your sexy body to your friends. With this supplement, look your best and be ready to slip into your favorite skinny jeans again.

Know about the Supplement!
This is an amazing weight loss supplement that helps you achieve your dream body. This supplement reduces your hunger cravings and stops you from thinking about food all the time. We understand that losing weight is quite difficult, but with this formula it is extremely easy to shed pounds. Gain a slim and healthy body by making use of this amazing supplement.

Take a Look at its Ingredients!
Hydroxycitric acid
Garcinia Cambogia extract
Raspberry ketone
African mango
Green tea

These ingredients help shed excess of pounds and make you become slim easily and faster. All its ingredients are lab tested and clinically proven that is completely safe and easy to consume.

Reduce Inches and Look Slim!
Burn more fat efficiently
Suppresses appetite
Increases serotonin levels
Improves mood and well being

How Does Garcinia Ultra Work?
This supplement will help you reduce appetite and helps body burn ugly flab that will make you look fabulous. It may boost your mood and makes you feel full longer time so that you can easily lose weight. In addition to this, this supplement could actually block fat from being made in the body that leads you to a drastic weight loss.

What makes this Supplement Best?
Helps prevent body from storing fat
Prevents hunger pains
Makes body burn stored fat
Improves blood sugar levels
All natural and safe ingredients
Made in the USA

What are the Disadvantages?
No trial package available
Not evaluated by FDA
Provides slow but effective results
Can’t used by ladies who are pregnant or nursing
Not meant for those who are under 18 years of age

Are there any Side Effects?
There are no harmful effects of using Garcinia Ultra. Make use of this formula as per the directed dosage.

Where to Buy?
Get your exclusive bottle of Garcinia Ultra by going through its official website now only.

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Health, Student Edition

The new Prentice Hall Health program makes health exciting for students and provides teachers with the resources they need to support content and academic achievement. By integrating into the program the Teens Talk Video Series, developed in a partnership with Discovery Channel, Prentice Hall makes health relevant to students. The videos, which support every chapter in the book, stimulate calssroom discussion of the content and skills essential to successful health education. An unparalleled array of ancillaries and technology, including a variety of differentiated instruction components, enables Prentice Hall Health to meet the needs of every student at every learning level.

Price: $ 35

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Global Markets and Innovative Technologies in the Microbial Products

Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on 'Microbial Products : Technologies, Applications and Global Markets' This report is intended especially for biotechnology marketing executives, entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists and other readers with a need to know where the market for microbial technologies and products is headed over the next five years. Although the report focuses on specific technologies, it is largely non-technical in nature. That is, it is concerned less with theory and jargon than with what works and how much of it the market is likely to purchase. 

This report provides:
An overview of the global market for microbes and microbial products.
Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2012, estimates for 2013, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2018.
Identifications of microbial applications in a wide range of fields, the applications and end uses that appear to have significant commercial potential in the near to mid-term, and quantitative estimates of their current and/or future sales.
Examination of market drivers, regulations, and recent technological developments.
Comprehensive company profiles ( of major players.

A microbe is a minute living organism, such as a bacterium, yeast, or fungus. The first commercial applications of microbes date back to around 1750 BC, when the ancient Sumerians used yeast to brew beer. Microbes were used for centuries to produce bread, wine, vinegar and other common products—without anyone knowing the scientific basis for the ingredient.

The systematic study of microbes began in the 17th century with the work of scientists like Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek and Robert Hooke. However, the discipline known today as microbiology was not established until the late 19th century through the work of pioneers like Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch, Martinus Beijerinck and Sergei Winogradsky.

The technology related to microbial production of metabolites such as ethanol, lactic acid, butanol, riboflavin, etc. and enzymes such as protease, amylase and invertase were developed as early as the first few decades of the 20th century. Large-scale production of the antibiotic penicillin from Penicillium fungi was perfected during World War II and the microbial production of other antibiotics, amino acids, nucleotides, enzymes and such soon followed.

Today, genetically engineered microbes are used for the commercial production of nonmicrobial products such as insulin, interferon, human growth hormone and viral vaccines. Microbes are also used to produce energy (e.g., biodiesel and bioethanol) and to clean up environmental pollutants such as sewage and oil spills. As the active ingredient in biofertilizers and biopesticides, microbes contribute to increasing agricultural productivity, and microbes form the basis of cost-effective methods of mining and metallurgy.

About Bharat Book Bureau:
Bharat Book Bureau
is the leading market research information provider for market research reports, company profiles, industry analysis , country reports , business reports, newsletters and online databases  Bharat Book Bureau provides over a million reports from more than 400 publishers around the globe. We cover sectors starting from Aeronautics to Zoology.

In case the reports don’t match your requirement then we can do a specialized Custom Research for you. Our multifarious capabilities, cross-sector expertise and detailed knowledge of various markets, put us in a unique position to take up Custom Research demands of yourself.
Contact us at :

Bharat Book Bureau
Tel: +91 22 27810772 / 27810773
Toll Free No for USA/Canada : 1-866-279-8368
Call UK +44 7405 208461
Follow us on twitter: 
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Our Blog : 
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Health, Safety, and Nutrition for the Young Child

HEALTH, SAFETY, AND NUTRITION FOR THE YOUNG CHILD, 8th Edition, covers the contemporary health, safety, and nutrition needs of infant through school-age children in one comprehensive volume, with extensive coverage of topics critical to the early identification of children's health conditions and the promotion of children's well-being. Concepts are backed by the latest research findings and linked to the key professional standards of the field. Collaboration with families, sensitivity to individual differences, and the critical importance of health, safety, and nutrition education continue to be stressed. Written in a clear, concise, and thought-provoking manner, this time-proven book is filled with easy-to-access checklists, guidelines, and lesson plans that no early childhood student or professional should be without!

Price: $203.95

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GreenWyre Introduces Easy Lice Removal Product

GreenWyre Products has developed many products for home, business and personal use. One such product is now available through our website at (

Like our other products, our Lice Treatment product is non-hazardous, non-toxic, safe for humans, animals, and plants, and is safe for all skin conditions including chemically sensitive. There are no petroleum products or by-products in our Lice Treatment nor does it contain animal by-products.

We are proud to announce the addition of our Lice Treatment product to our line of Personal Products. It is intended to replace the foul-smelling, medicinal products that are widely used for lice control but that can be dangerous if not used properly. Our Lice Treatment is so safe you can brush your teeth with it.

DETAILS: GreenWyre Lice Treatment is available now on our website. It is priced at $7.50 for an 8 ounce foamer version, with refills and larger sizes available by selection. Large quantity discounts are available by using the CONTACT form on the web site.

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PLAN Community Health / Leadership RN

Living a Healthy Life! Designed for upper level grades 8-12, SOS High School Health delves into topics that affect maturing student's. This course gives an excellent overview of practical, life-long tips. Spotlighted subjects in this five-unit course are: -Body Essentials -Physical Health -Social and Mental Health -Preventative Health Care and First Aid -Responsible Living With topics applicable for adulthood, SOS High School Health interweaves practical lessons about proper eating habits, social health, personal hygiene, home safety, burns, immunizations, drug use and abuse, tobacco, and sexually transmitted diseases with accountable Christian living. This course, which helps student's make wise health decisions, is a perfect compliment to any curriculum.

Price: $ 25

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Stop disabling headache of patients

"Living with migraines can be a difficult challenge. About one third of migraine sufferers experience a kind of moderate to severe handicap."said Amanda Tomb annually in basic health centres, "we are very pleased to provide amazing new treatment for those who suffer in this debilitating condition."

What makes this so revolutionary treatment, this is how it is administered to patients.  Most of the techniques used to treat migraine headaches tend to be unreliable, complicated and painful.  To simplify the processing and making the procedure more comfortable basic health centres employs the use of a special applicator called a tx360.  The tx360 provides a minimally invasive, convenient and secure way to treat the difficult to reach nerves in the nasal cavity.  Treatment tx360 was able to relieve a variety of different forms of headaches. In addition, a number of patients experienced pain relief virtually within seconds following the treatment was carried out.

Basic health centres feel that they can bring relief to many of those in our community who suffer with migraine pain.

"If you have difficulty in sleeping, cancelling family functions, have to miss work or school because of the attacks, then it's time to do something.  Life is short. "said Falls.

Basic health centres is a multidisciplinary care facility that offers a non-surgical approach to non-narcotic pain management.  Basic health centres has locations at 945 East Main Street in Spartanburg, SC and B 103 Regency Commons in Greer, SC.  The clinic hours are from Monday-Thursday 09 to 13 and 15 to 18.  For more information, please contact

(864) 542-0780 to Spartanburg or (864) 469-2045 to Greer or visit our Web site at

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New Balance Women's WW411 Health Walking Shoe

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Imaging the World names James J. Kaufman

Dr. Kristen DeStigter, President of Imaging the World, is pleased to announce that the Board of Trustees of Imaging the World has unanimously elected James J. Kaufman as Chairman of the Board. He is an excellent choice to serve ITW in this capacity, particularly at a time when ITW faces a period of substantial growth and expanded opportunity.

Mr. Kaufman has served ITW over the past three years as a dedicated board member and Vice President, Business and Strategy, working closely with ITW’s board, its President, and its past executive directors.  He brings a broad range of over forty-eight years of national and international experience in business, government and as an attorney, judge, certified mediator, board member and chairman to many corporations.

To learn more about Imaging the World's mission, projects and team members please visit our website:                                                                                    

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